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January 30, 2013 /Ae & Me /

Ae & Animotion | Joost van der Hoeven

joost2After art school, in the mid 90’s, I got my first job as a junior motion graphics designer working on expensive hardware. The frustrating part of my work was that I could not really use those systems to design freely, as the expensive hardware was always booked. I wanted to find a tool that worked on a desktop PC and that could serve to design/prototype when I had a creative flow, not when I was booked at the kit.

Dreaming about this I went to the IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam in 1997. There on the show floor was a girl with a zillion earrings and a blue mohawk showing some software that caught my attention. The girl was no one less then Angie Taylor, and the software was After Effects. It was love at first sight (sorry, not for Angie 😉 ).

I quit my job, got a new one, and enrolled in a training course with the legendary Ton Frederiks. A year later, I quit that job too and started on my own: Animotion was born. Adobe even hired me to do demo work at IBC, so again I meet Angie.

Fast forward 5 years, Adobe has hired me every year to help out at IBC. This year, I shared my pod with someone from GridIron. His name was Steve Forde. Although he didn’t know much about design at that time, he knew–like no one I ever met before–how to tweak After Effects to render faster. So we had a lot of fun showing each other our field of interest in After Effects.

Fast Forward to today. After Effects is still my favorite piece of software. I still love using it and teaching it. I never thought that software–just a tool to be cynic–could feel like a friend and companion.

After Effects, and the Plabt, Happy Birthday! And thank you. Animotion would have been  totally different without you.

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