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January 16, 2013 /Ae & Me /

Ae & Kurt Wiley

TAs a guest employee at an early 90’s Australian startup animation studio, I discovered AE’s earliest version could do (at that time) smooth digital trucks and pans not possible with other 90’s digital tools. A quick return visit to the USA let me buy and put AE to work, and I was happy to provide feedback to AE engineers for product improvement. AE not only satisfied a major client’s first digital ink-paint production, but produced our own series, CROCADOO, with (via AE version 2 and early plugins from Cycore and others) unique effects that our traditional animators did not have time to create.

Returning to the USA in ’97 I quickly found work with VCE and used AE for a number of feature films and documentaries, including one with “The Governator”. As AE progressed and added unique tools such as Puppet, I found it helpful for character animation and other special effects. Nearly all of the work on my reel is AE influenced. These days I plan to use AE for animated educational stories at the local aerospace museum I docent at.

Keep up the great work, AE and Adobe folks!

My Reel:

Ae & Me