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January 18, 2013 /Ae & Me /

Ae & Lloyd Alvarez

lloyd_headshotI’ve been an Adobe After Effects user for nearly two decades. After a fortunate introduction to the software in my first job, my career has never stopped evolving. I now create television commercials and network branding using After Effects. In total, I’ve been using After Effects for almost 20 years and it has completely shaped my career. I like to tell people my career got started by being at the right place at the right time. The right time was After Effects being born and the right place was a motion design firm. Today, I do it all – from concepting and art directing projects to compositing, animation, visual effects, and even software development.

More than anything, I like that After Effects is accessible to anyone. I work in the high-end advertising world where there are Flames and Telecine suites that are not accessible to everyone so I like that After Effects is a democratizer in this business.

Of course, the most significant achievement in the product’s development for me was the addition of the scripting API. I’m the founder of, a repository and marketplace of high-end scripts and plugins for many leading 2D and 3D software packages but mainly for After Effects. Scripts and plugins help enhance and automate otherwise tedious functions and create results not possible any other way. We offer scripts and plugins from the top authors from around the globe.

It’s always fun to see the clever things animators and visual effects artists do with After Effects. One of my favorites was a tank shooting game that is played inside After Effects Chris Zwar of Entertainment Media wrote it linking several After Effects compositions together using expressions. I wonder why we never saw another one?

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