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February 21, 2013 /Ae & Me /

Ae & Missourial

New to the ProgramLate in December of 2009, my brother in law asked me to send him any old photos that I had of my sister as she was turning 60 in early January of 2010. I emailed him all the pictures that I had of her. I then thought that it would be nice if I could put together a slide show of all the pics that I sent.

I turned to my computer and uploaded them into Windows Movie Maker and made a cute little slide show which I put on a DVD and sent it to her in a birthday card. Her response was enough to encourage me to look deeper into this new hobby that I enjoyed.

I looked online and purchased a cheap consumer editing program. My new hobby consumed me. I built a new computer with all kinds of things to make video editing less painful. I have since built an upgrade to that computer and have gone through several upgrades with the video editing programs but what I was seeing and what I was capable of doing with the programs I was using left me unfulfilled.

Last March I decided that instead of upgrading cheap programs that I would spend the money necessary to have the ability to produce things that I couldn’t do with the cheaper programs. Since I have purchased Adobe Production Premium CS 5.5 I spend most of my free time in front of my computer trying to master this fantastic program.

So how has this impacted my career? I catch myself at work thinking of how I can do things when I get home and open After Effects. When I do get home and get started on a project, time seems to fly by and before I know it three a.m. is staring me in the face. If this just happened occasionally it would be no big deal but it seems to be happening more and more as I learn more and can do more things which opens up even more questions and new possibilities to explore.

So overall, since I have been using After Effects, I would have to say that it has impacted my career in an adverse way. I personally think there should be warning labels on the package warning people of the possible addiction!

Ae & Me