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February 25, 2013 /Ae & Me /

Ae & Nizar Jendoubi

This story may be simple to you but for me it was a very big step and one of the million reasons that made me fall in love with After Effects. My university professor told the students to choose any product to make a TV commercial or animation. I choose a yogurt drink, called Tip-Top.

Since I did not have a high-performance computer and my fellow students were using 3DS Max to make their animation, I had to trick myself into believing that I still could do better than they did. I decided to make an animation with After Effects with a variety of images and vector graphics.

I sat in front of my computer at 6:30pm, eating dinner while I worked, and fifteen hours later, I realized I transformed myself into a zombie. I had lost my sense of time and didn’t event sleep until I had to render my animation.

When the project presentation came, all of my classmates showcased their work. They were good, and some not-so-good, and it’s my turn to present. Would my animation be seen as good since I didn’t have the expensive camera or high-performance computer? The answer was yes! My professor and classmates found my animation to be awesomely creative and they appreciated my ability to add color and sound to my animation. My animation was so popular that I now have the nickname “Tip-Top” and my animation was listed as one of the finalist by the judges.


Ae & Me