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January 14, 2013 /Ae & Me /

Ae & Todd Kopriva

I’m a nerd. I went to a high school whose name has the words ‘mathematics’ and ‘science’ in it. My heroes include Richard Feynman and Ira Glass (and Dolph Lundgren, but that’s another story). But I never wanted to pursue the standard nerd career paths of research scientist or computer programmer; I valued art and creativity too much to be locked into those roles (or what I conceived those roles to be when making these decisions in my 20s). It seemed that working with words would allow me more freedom, so I became a freelance writer and editor, though I kept gravitating toward the most scientific and technical jobs I could find.

When I started working for Adobe, I worked on things like Acrobat, which—sorry, Acrobat team—did not satisfy my need to be surrounded by art and creativity. Then, eight years ago, I was assigned to work on something called After Effects, largely because of my prior experience documenting programming interfaces for video software. When I went downstairs to meet the After Effects team for the first time, I saw a large banner in the Studio (the main After Effects conference room) that said ‘CoSA: Company of Science and Art’. With that, I knew that I was home. Any group of people whose original company name included the words ‘science’ and ‘art’ were likely to be my kind of people.

And they were. They are.

For the past eight years, I’ve helped many thousands of people to make visual art, either by explaining how to use After Effects or by helping to design and build the next version of After Effects to provide artists with the tools that they need. This is satisfying to me. It makes me feel a part of the creative process. And I get to do this surrounded by a bunch of nerds—my people.

So, thanks After Effects team, for giving me a way to exercise my skills in the service of helping others to communicate and make art.

Todd Kopriva
After Effects Quality Engineering

Ae & Me