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June 23, 2011 /After Effects /

AE Warp Stabilizer vs. FCPX Stabilization

The last blog post on Warp Stabilizer for sometime – PROMISE!!

That being said – when we launched CS 5.5 at NAB this year in Las Vegas, a number of users were asking for a comparison between AE’s new Warp Stabilizer and the just announced stabilization feature of FCPX.  The great news – both work entirely in the background allowing you to work in the application completely unhindered by the analysis and stabilization of footage.  As you can tell – this is a sign of all things in the future.  Compute intensive tasks being done in the background so it doesn’t get in the way or make you ‘wait’.

I wanted to post the results now that we can test the software in an ‘apples to apples’ fashion (pardon the pun).  The clip is the same as what I used in the warp stabilizer sneak peak on Adobe TV.

Both AE’s Warp Stabilizer and FCPX stabilization were left to the default settings of stabilization and rolling shutter removal. – no tweaking was done whatsoever.

Here it is: AE Warp Stabilizer is the bottom clip, FCPX the top.  The focus of this test is the quality and fidelity of the stabilized image. The clip is looped and should be viewed at full screen.


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