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After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) revealed

For details about these changes, see this page.

This week, we’re revealing what’s coming soon in the next major update to After Effects CC.

Creative Cloud Libraries: The integration of the Creative Cloud Libraries panel gives you access within After Effects to shared assets such as graphics, color swatches, color Looks, and more from Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, mobile applications like Adobe Shape and Project Candy, and web services such as the Adobe Creative Cloud Marketplace. You can share libraries with friends and coworkers to exchange assets with ease, or you can simply share assets with yourself between multiple computers and applications.

re-architecture for greater interactive performance: When we asked you, our customers, a year ago what you’d like us to focus on in After Effects, the response was enthusiastic and nearly unanimous: You wanted us to focus on making After Effects respond more quickly and smoothly as you carried out your creative work. We listened. The great majority of the After Effects team has been hard at work for the past year on a fundamental re-architecture of the application that lays the groundwork for performance improvements of many kinds, and this major update that we will be releasing soon bears the first fruits of this effort. One of the more obvious benefits of this re-architecture is that a preview can now continue as you make changes that modify the item being previewed, so that you can see an uninterrupted preview as you tweak a layer property, add a new item to a composition, and so on.

unified and simplified previews: While re-architecting and rebuilding the way that rendering and previewing work in After Effects, we took the opportunity to address many sources of confusion by simplifying the preview system, while also making previews more customizable. Now, you can much more easily define the behavior of each of the preview shortcut keys, and the default behavior for previewing with the spacebar key is more like what new users expect and what experienced users need.

Adobe Character Animator: Of course, we’re also especially proud to introduce a preview version of Adobe Character Animator, the newest addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud family of applications. Adobe Character Animator brings still image artwork from Photoshop or Illustrator to life by capturing your performance using a camera and microphone, reproducing your facial expressions and synchronizing mouth movements to your speech. I have never had more fun with a piece of software, and I can’t wait to see how you all make use of this utterly delightful creative application. Adobe Character Animator is installed along with After Effects and can be started from within After Effects. For more information, see this post about Adobe Character Animator.

Face Tracker effect: We’ve also taken the face-tracking technology from Adobe Character Animator and integrated it into After Effects as a highly accurate face tracker that can generate masks to isolate faces or, in detail mode, generate effect control points for every major feature of the face. This makes attaching effects, layers, or other objects to specific facial features incredibly easy and precise, making workflows such as digital makeup, creative eye replacement, and others much easier than in the past.

Adobe Media Encoder improvements: Adobe Media Encoder also has some big changes coming, including the ability to perform high-quality re-timing with Time Tuner controls. See the Adobe Media Encoder blog post for details.

To see a big sneak peek of all of the new and exciting things coming in Adobe’s professional video and audio applications and services, see this page and this post on the Creative Cloud blog. You can also see a playlist of videos demonstrating the new features here.

Join us at NAB, at booth SL-5110, on April 11-14 to see these features and improvements in action. See this page for a schedule of presentations at NAB.

Because we’re just revealing these features now, you won’t yet have access to them through Creative Cloud, but you can make sure that you get them as soon as they’re available by subscribing now. See this page for details. For more information about Creative Cloud, see this overview video and the Creative Cloud FAQ list.

Have a great NAB, folks!

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