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After Effects community resources (English)

Resources on the Adobe website

The best place for beginners to begin is here: “Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC)”.

For information about what’s new and changed, see these resources:

Adobe provides documentation resources for After Effects on the After Effects Help & Support page on the Adobe website. From the After Effects Help & Support page, you can also search for community resources not on the Adobe website.

Adobe and its partners provide a basic set of video tutorials on the Adobe website, in addition to excellent tutorials provided by other members of the community. Many sections of After Effects Help refer to additional video tutorials in context to provide information about specific features.

To make a feature request or file a bug report, fill out the feature request and bug report form on the Adobe website.

The Adobe After Effects User-to-User Forum is a great place to ask questions about After Effects and have them answered by other After Effects users.

You can follow the After Effects team on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

For information on plug-ins available for After Effects, go to the After Effects plug-in page on the Adobe website.

Tim Kurkoski, Todd Kopriva, Michelle Gallina, and other members of the After Effects team provide news and information for After Effects users on the After Effects Region of Interest blog.

Adobe provides resources for scripting and plug-in creation on the After Effects Developer Center section of the Adobe website.

For information about getting the best speed out of your Adobe video software, see “optimizing for performance: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects”.

Resources on other websites

Peachpit Press, video2brain, Focal Press,, and other publishers provide free sample chapter and video tutorials on their websites. See this page for details of several high-quality video training providers.

Here are links to some specific examples of free video training resources and sample chapters:

A good place to ask questions about After Effects–especially with regard to motion graphics and integration with 3D applications–is the Mograph forum.

The ProVideo Coalition (PVC) website contains articles and blogs on topics of interest to professionals in the video industry. In addition to articles by Chris and Trish Meyer, the PVC website includes articles by Mark Christiansen, Frank Capria, Jim Feeley, Adam Wilt, Mark Curtis, and Scott Gentry.

The Toolfarm website provides forums, tutorials, and other resources related to After Effects and other Adobe products.

The AE Enhancers forum provides example scripts and useful information about scripting (as well as expressions and animation presets) in After Effects. Particularly active and helpful on this forum is Paul Tuersley.

Jonas Hummelstrand provides tutorials, troubleshooting tips, and insights about After Effects and motion graphics in general on his General Specialist website.

Trish and Chris Meyer provide instructional resources for After Effects in many places, including ProVideo Coalition and their own website.

Rich Young maintains a list of After Effects resources on his AE Portal News blog, as well as on the ProVideo Coalition website.

Angie Taylor provides tutorials and articles on her website, with a special focus on character animation and design fundamentals.

John Dickinson provides tutorials and other resources for After Effects and related softwareon his Motionworks website.

Alan Shisko provides insights and tips about motion graphics on his Motion Graphics ‘n Such blog.

Harry Frank provides tutorials on all areas of After Effects, with an emphasis on expressions and use of third-party plug-ins on his graymachine website.

Red Giant provides video tutorials for their After Effects plug-ins, as well as more general compositing and motion graphics subjects, on Red Giant TV. Their blog and support site are also quite valuable if you use any of their After Effects plug-ins, such as the Trapcode Suite.

Andrew Kramer provides tutorials and training on his Video Copilot website.

Dan Ebberts provides scripting tutorials and useful scripts on the scripting portion of the MotionScript website. Dan also provides an excellent collection of example expressions and tutorials for learning how to work with expressions on the expressions portion of the MotionScript website.

Aharon Rabinowitz provides tutorials, example projects, and other useful resources on his All Bets Are Off website.

Lloyd Alvarez, Mathias Möhl, and others provide useful scripts on the After Effects Scripts website.

Mathias Möhl also provides tutorials, scripts, and more on his mamoworld website.

Jeff Almasol provides a collection of useful scripts on his redefinery website.

Kert Gartner provides tutorials about After Effects and compositing in general on his VFX Haiku website.

Stu Maschwitz provides insights and tips about After Effects and video, visual effects, and compositing in general on his ProLost blog.

The /r/AfterEffects subreddit on the Reddit website is a good place to go for assistance with After Effects issues, as well as being a good place for comments and criticism of works in progress made with After Effects.

The Creative COW website provides several resources for After Effects users. Many of these resources feature Aharon Rabinowitz:

David Van Brink provides tips, insights, and downloadable utilities for After Effects and other digital video software on his Omino website.

Rick Gerard provides tips and tricks on his AE Tips and Tricks website.

Eran Stern provides tutorials in English and Hebrew on his SternFX website.

Colin Braley provides tutorials–mostly about expressions–on his website.

David Torno provides tips and tutorials about visual effects and compositing on his AE I Owe You blog.

Dean Velez provides many sample projects (some free) and other useful things on his Motion Graphics Lab website.

Jerzy Drozda, Jr. provides After Effects tutorials on his Maltaannon website.

Dale Bradshaw provides scripts and tricks on his Creative Workflow Hacks website.

Richard Harrington provides tutorials and other useful material about After Effects and other video software on his Photoshop for Video website and Raster|Vector website. He also posts video tutorials on Adobe TV.

Sean Kennedy provides several video tutorials–including some about rotoscoping and motion tracking–on the SimplyCG website. They’re all linked to from his website.

Ayato Fuji provides tutorials on his ayato@web website. Some of the tutorials are a little out of date, but much of the material is still strong,
especially for learning to use some of the Trapcode plug-ins.

Chris Pirazzi provides technical details of digital video on his Lurker’s Guide to Video website.

Chris Zwar provides articles, After Effects projects, scripts, and other resources on his website.

Christopher Green provides many useful scripts on his website.

Satya Meka provides tutorials, plug-ins, and other resources on his gutsblow website.

Jeff Foster provides tutorials for using After Effects and Photoshop on his PixelPainter website.

Sébastien Périer provides tutorials and other information on his website.

Ressources communautaires d’After Effects (Français)

Ressources sur le site Web d’Adobe

Adobe met à votre disposition des ressources documentaires relatives à After Effects dans la section Aide communautaire d’After Effects du site Web d’Adobe. Sur la page de l’Aide communautaire, vous pouvez également rechercher des ressources communautaires qui ne figurent pas sur le site Web d’Adobe.

Adobe et ses partenaires proposent un ensemble basique de tutoriels vidéo sur le site Web d’Adobe; ils s’ajoutent aux excellents didacticiels d’autres membres de la communauté. De nombreuses sections de l’aide After Effects renvoient à d’autres didacticiels vidéo en contexte pour fournir des informations sur certaines fonctionnalités spécifiques. Si vous avez un bon tutoriel vidéo ou d’autres ressources en français à recommander pour After Effects, partagez-les avec d’autres utilisateurs en écrivant un commentaire en bas de la page concernée sur l’aide en ligne d’After Effect.

Le forum d’utilisateurs Adobe est l’endroit idéal pour poser des questions sur After Effects et obtenir les réponses d’autres utilisateurs.

Ressources sur d’autres sites Web

Le forum du site internet “Le Repaire” est une bonne source d’aide communautaire en français sur After Effects.

Sur son site Mattias Peresini, un jeune motion designer propose de nombreux didacticiels en français sur After Effects.

Les sites
Offrent egalement de bons tutorials en francais.

Sur son site ( Bruno Quintin propose didacticiels en français sur After Effects.

Recursos de la comunidad After Effects (Español)

Recursos en el sitio Web de Adobe

Adobe ofrece recursos de documentación para After Effects en la sección Ayuda de la comunidad de After Effects del sitio Web de Adobe. Desde la página de Ayuda de la comunidad, también puede buscar recursos de la comunidad que no estén en el sitio Web de Adobe.

Adobe y sus socios ofrecen un conjunto básico de tutoriales en vídeo en del sitio Web de Adobe, además de los excelentes tutoriales ofrecidos por otros miembros de la comunidad. Si sabes de un tutorial en video excelente, o de otros recursos sobre After Effects en Español, por favor deja un comentario al pie de la página relevante de la Ayuda de After Effects en la Web para compartirlo con otros.

El Adobe Foros de usuario a usuario es el lugar idóneo para formular preguntas sobre After Effects, a las que otros usuarios de After Effects podrán responder.

Recursos en otros sitios Web

Sitio AEFX de Jorge Mochón incluye artículos y tutoriales sobre After Effects, Premiere Pro, y Encore.

El sitio incluye tutoriales sobre After Effects.

After Effects Community-Ressourcen (Deutsch)

Ressourcen auf der Adobe-Website

Adobe stellt Dokumentationsressourcen für After Effects im Abschnitt After Effects Community Help der Adobe-Website bereit. Auf der Website „Community Help” können Sie auch nach Community-Ressourcen suchen, die nicht Teil der Adobe-Website sind.

Adobe und seine Partner stellen der Adobe-Website einige grundlegende Video-Lehrgänge bereit. Sie werden ergänzt durch hervorragende Lehrgänge von anderen Community-Mitgliedern. In vielen Abschnitten der After Effects-Hilfe wird auf weitere, kontextbezogene Video-Lehrgänge verwiesen, die über spezifische Funktionen informieren. Wenn Sie interessante und hochwertige Tutorials oder andere Quellen kennen, die sich mit After Effects beschäftigen oder artverwandte Themen behandeln, hinterlassen Sie bitte einen Kommentar auf der jeweiligen zugehörigen Website der Adobe After Effects Onlinehilfe, so dass andere Anwender diese auch finden können.

Das Adobe Benutzerforum bietet die großartige Möglichkeit, Fragen zu After Effects zu stellen und von anderen Benutzern Antworten zu erhalten.

Ressourcen auf anderen Websites

Auf der Website mamoworld von Mathias Möhl finden Sie eine Sammlung nützlicher Skripte und Video-Lehrgänge.

Video2Brain stellen Video-Lehrgänge bereit.

After Effects screencast: Die besten Trainer im deutschsprachigen Raum zeigen Ihnen alles rund um Adobe After Effects.

After Effects コミュニティリソース(日本語)

アドビ システムズ社の Web サイト上のリソース

アドビ システムズ社は、After Effects のドキュメンテーションリソースを、アドビ システムズ社の Web サイトにある After Effects コミュニティヘルプで公開しています。コミュニティヘルプページでは、アドビ システムズ社の Web サイト以外のコミュニティリソースも検索することができます。

アドビ システムズ社で、ビデオチュートリアルの基本セットを提供しています。他にも、コミュニティのメンバーから提供された優れたチュートリアルも提供しています。 After Effects のヘルプでは、特定の機能に関する情報を提供するために、文中で様々なビデオチュートリアルを参照しています。 After Effects の日本語チュートリアルや、日本語で説明された制作例などをご存知でしたら、After Effects オンラインヘルプの該当するページのコメント欄にてご紹介ください。コメント欄は、各ページの一番下にあります。

アドビ ユーザフォーラムでは、他の After Effects ユーザと After Effects に関する情報を交換することができます。

ご要望と不具合については、アドビ システムズ社の Web サイトの 製品への要望/不具合報告フォーム を使ってご連絡ください。

その他の Web サイト上のリソース

藤井彩人の Web サイト (日本語):

日本のAfter Effectsユーザーがリソースや記事を共有するウェブサイトを公開しました。是非ご利用ください!

After Effects, General, Region of Interest