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April 8, 2011 /Region of Interest /

After Effects CS5 (10.0.2) update: a few big bug fixes

The After Effects CS5 (10.0.2) update has been released.

Ideally, you should check for and install updates by choosing Help > Updates from within After Effects (or another CS5 application).

If the automatic update doesn’t work, try the manual update. You can download the update packages from the download pages for Windows or Mac OS, using the “Adobe After Effects 10.0.2 update” link. The links are not at the top of the page, where I expected to find them.

Important: If you do download and install manuall, you must choose the correct patcher based on your original installation type: use the “Electronic Download” update package if you installed from a download; use the “Retail DVD” update package if you installed from a disc. (I found it confusing that the word ‘trial’ appears in the file name of the “Electronic Download” package, but that is indeed the correct package for updating the full version.)

If you haven’t already done so, you should also install the other recent updates for Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and other CS5 applications.

If you have any problems with this update, or if you have bugs to report after applying the update, let us know by sending feedback or coming to the After Effects forum. Don’t ask questions in the comments on this blog post, which fewer people will see.

bug fixes

Here’s a complete list of things that we fixed in this update.

  • After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) showed multiple instances of an “Unexpected data type” error when opening a project containing a missing effect.
  • After Effects crashed when using the Directional Blur effect on a computer with 16 or more logical processor cores (i.e., counting virtual cores created by hyperthreading).
  • After Effects crashed when opening a composition created by Automatic Duck Pro Import AE.

The After Effects CS5 (10.0.2) update is cumulative with the After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update. I.e., the 10.0.2 update includes all of the fixes in the 10.0.1 update.

Note that we were able to find and fix these problems because of the great feedback that we got when we asked people to use the crash reporter. Please keep doing so. And don’t hesitate to file bugs and send feature requests.

other software updates known to address crashing problems with After Effects

If you use the Colorista II plug-in, be sure to update it to the most recent version.

If you use Trapcode Particular, be sure to install the most recent version.

We have also been working with several providers of plug-ins, codecs, and hardware devices (such as Cineform and BlackMagic) to assist them in updating their software to fix some errors and crashes. Please take this opportunity to download and install updated codecs, plug-ins, and drivers from these providers, as relevant to your work.

known issues
  • Possible hang on start if firewall or other software (such as ZoneAlarm or FileMaker) blocks communication with After Effects and related components. (See this Technical Support document for more information and solutions.)
  • Blocky artifacts in RGB color channels using Canon 5D MKII footage.
  • BMP footage in a CS4 project opens as missing footage. Workaround: Relink footage after opening.
  • RED (R3D) color science between versions: Projects saved in After Effects CS5 (10.0.0) that use the existing RED color science will use the new color science (version 2) when opened in After Effects CS5 (10.0.1 or 10.0.2). Also, RED settings are not retained if a project saved by After Effects CS5 (10.0.1 or 10.0.2) is opened in After Effects CS5 (10.0.0). If you are using R3D footage in a multiple-machine environment, make sure all machines are using the same version of After Effects.
  • If another application acquires the RED ROCKET card before After Effects does, After Effects will fall back to software (non-ROCKET) rendering, with no warning message.
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