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After Effects CS5.5 performance improvements: disk caching, RAM, and more

After Effects CS5.5 includes several improvements related to performance:

  • The caching system is now much smarter about determining what frames to add to the disk cache, so the disk cache is enabled by default and the default size of the disk cache is much larger (20GB).
  • RAM and disk cache indicators (green and blue bars) can now be shown for individual layers, as well as for an entire composition. These layer cache indicators are off by default.
  • The default Memory & Multiprocessing preference settings are now much more likely to provide good performance for common scenarios than were the defaults for After Effects CS5. We used feedback from users regarding these suggested settings to help us to determine the best settings.
  • We fixed several bugs and made some performance optimizations that greatly increase speed in common circumstances. For example, we fixed a bug that caused items to be rendered even when they were entirely obscured by an overlying layer—which was just wasted processing time.

Chris Meyer explains improvements regarding caching in this video on Adobe TV.

For details, see these videos on the Video2Brain website about changes in disk caching and Memory & Multiprocessing preference settings.

For complete details of what’s new and changed in After Effects CS5.5, see this page.

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