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October 19, 2009 /Region of Interest /

After Effects terminology clarifications

Adam Everett Miller has just posted an article on AETUTS+ that clarifies some crucial After Effects terminology.

He defines terms like script, expression, effect, plug-in, filter, and (animation) preset. Most important and useful is the fact that he distinguishes between these terms and steers people away from common confusions between them.

We try to define terms in context in After Effects Help, usually in the first or most prominent place that each term is used. For example, words like composition, render, and export are defined in the sections “About compositions” and “Rendering and exporting overview”, respectively. But it’s sometimes good to have someone bring it all together in one place to untangle some of the confusion and misusage.

I appreciate that Adam has taken my definitions and added to them. (That’s why we have the Creative Commons tag on the bottom of each page of Help on the Web—so that y’all can reuse the material as long as you attribute it and don’t sell it.)

Thanks, Adam!

For more information:

The first item linked to from the “Getting started with After Effects” article is a video that defines many important terms: “Basic workflow and terminology overview”.

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