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Easing the transition to Adobe Premiere Pro: Ask a CS Pro session with Al Mooney

Last week, Al Mooney presented a seminar on easing the transition to Adobe Premiere Pro from another NLE, such as Final Cut Pro.

Here’s the recording.

(Note: If the Adobe Connect session loses audio/video synch, just click the playhead in Adobe Connect, and it will re-synchronize.)

In addition to the information that Al provided, these resources should help you to get started with Premiere Pro if you know Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer.

For more information about making the transition from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro (including a limited-time offer to save 50% off the price of Premiere Pro or Production Premium), see this page. If you want to try Premiere Pro for free, you can do so for 30 days.

Here’s a brief outline of what Al talked about, as well as some links to more information about each subject:

main presentation

question-and-answer session

Several of the items above relate to performance and hardware requirements, which we get a lot of questions about. So we put together this page full of resources about making Adobe Premiere Pro (and After Effects) work faster.

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