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October 6, 2014 /Product Focus /

Adobe Media Encoder CC update (2014.1) available today

The Adobe Media Encoder CC (2014.1) update will be released today. This update includes new features, enhancements, and a number of fixes. The new features are detailed in an earlier IBC 2014 preview post you can read here . Two new feature, XAVC presets and AS-11 DPP have been added since IBC. See below for a list of all the new features and fixes.


Downloading Media Encoder CC (2014.1)


The 2014.1 update is expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day. Download Media Encoder CC (2014.1) via Creative Cloud for desktop, or online through your Creative Cloud account.


Please note that as of the 2014 release, Media Encoder CC now has its own installer. That said, installing updates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014 and later) will trigger the Media Encoder CC installation.


Adobe MAX 2014 announcements

This update is part of a series of new releases across all of the Creative Cloud desktop applications, as well as new and updated mobile apps, including Adobe Premiere Clip, a brand new iOS app which makes it easy to turn footage on an iPhone or iPad into great-looking videos. Details of the wider release will be presented today at Adobe MAX 2014, the world’s leading creativity conference.



Media Encoder CC (2014.1) New Features


Refined user interface with HiDPI support

Updated color scheme with flatter icons and support for HiDPI displays, including Mac Retina and Windows 8.1 systems.


Destination Publishing

Render and deliver content to FTP sites or local Creative Cloud folder. Send to multiple locations and track rendering and upload in the same panel.


Watch folder support for projects
Watch folders now support rendering for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut XML project files.


Extended Match Source support

Match Source support has been extended to QuickTime and MXF OP1a formats, including those using DNxHD codecs, which are in an MXF wrapper.


Rewrap functionality for MXF OP1a formats

MXF OP1a formats, including those using DNxHD codecs, now include encoding presets.

Multiplexing during encoding
MUX video and audio into a single MPEG2 file while encoding (instead of after the encode is complete.

Extended DCP support

Output 25 fps content in Digital Cinema Packages.


Extended Sony XAVC support

XAVC support now includes both VBR and CBG bitrate support for 2k and higher resolutions


GoPro CineForm intermediate codec support

Encode and decode movies using the GoPro CineForm codecs on both Mac OS and Windows.


16-channel AS-11 export

Export AS-11 content with 16 channels of audio.


AS-11 DPP – added since IBC Preview

Read and write AS-11 DDP compliant content packages


XAVC Presets – added since IBC Preview

While Media Encoder has supported XAVC for some time now, there had not been any presets available within the application. AME now includes presets for some of the more popular XAVC settings.




Media Encoder CC (2014.1) Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Dolby exports were not able to run in parallel.
  • Fixed: When projects were imported natively, there was no progress status during the conforming process.
  • Fixed: YouTube HD presets had a level that was too low for high framerate sources.
  • Fixed: The “Use Previews” option wasn’t available when creating presets in the Preset Browser.
  • Fixed: Timecode in timecode overlay would drift slightly when using OpenCl.
  • Fixed: Advanced XDCAM settings in the Export Settings dialog were missing.
  • Fixed: Smart rendering some sources would result in black or red frames.
  • Captions options were unavailable even though a source file had valid captions.
  • Fixed: Issues where smart rendering spanned CanonXF media would fail.
  • Fixed: Captions options were unavailable even though a source file had valid captions
  • Fixed a number of issues where effects were not being consistently applied to exports


Notes on pricing and availability

Today’s updates to Creative Cloud are expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day as part of their membership at no additional cost. The new and updated mobile apps are free to everyone. More information will be available later today at:


To join Creative Cloud, special promotional pricing is available to customers who own Adobe Creative Suite 3 or later. Membership plans are available for individuals, students, photographers, teams, educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises. For pricing details, visit:

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  • By Mayank Bhattacharya - 5:22 AM on October 10, 2014  

    I haven’t been able to render or export any projects after the 6th October update. Everything was seamless before this. All I get now is a an error message saying “rendering failed” for some “unknown reason”.

  • By Harald Thingelstad - 9:44 AM on October 16, 2014  

    Is this update available for MAC?
    I have begun using this update, and can¨t load the files to another user´s computer with a MacBook and Premiere Pro (only) license.
    I find no way to update this MAC, so I’m stuck with no way to give her the work. (And it’s her turn to be at it now, I have other projects but she has none.)