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September 8, 2015 /Product Focus /

New Features Coming to Adobe Media Encoder

New Features Coming to Adobe Media Encoder

At IBC in Amsterdam, Adobe will unveil the next round of updates coming soon to the Creative Cloud video applications, including Adobe Media Encoder, the rock-solid rendering and publishing tool for delivering video content to virtually any screen on earth.

Headline features in the next Media Encoder update include Destination Publishing to Facebook, expanded support for UHD formats, improved image sequence workflows, Automatic Loudness correction, and more.


Publish to Facebook

Render and publish content to Facebook in one fell swoop. Easily showcase work, promote projects, or support social media campaigns on a platform where something in the order of 3 billion videos are viewed each day. Along with upcoming Facebook support, Destination Publishing also allows you to render and send video to Creative Cloud, Vimeo, and YouTube, giving you a super-fast delivery system for public or password protected video content.

Expanded UHD Support

Media Encoder will also offer Expanded UHD capabilities with the addition of support for XAVC Long GOP, DNxHR, and the new HEVC (H.265) codec, which, at 60% the size of comparable H.264 files, is ideal for delivering pristine 4K online content.

Improved Image Sequence Support

After Effects artists rejoice! You will soon be able to automate rendering for image sequences from After Effects (and other 3D apps) with new Watch Folder support for OpenEXR. Streamline your workflow for frame-based content and offload rendering so that you can continue working in After Effects.

Automatic Loudness Correction

Loudness standards are now de rigeur almost everywhere. All you need to do is check the box in the next release of Media Encoder to apply automatic Loudness correction and deliver content with confidence, knowing that your deliverables meet broadcast standards.

And there’s more

No, that is not everything: the next Media Encoder release includes a boatload of additions and enhancements, such as MXF Channelization, IRT compliance, IMX audio options to create PCM encoded audio (instead of AES3) and 16 channel export, a new HDR to SDR conversion filter, new Time Interpolation settings, a new Video Limiter in the Effects tab, and more. We’ll publish detailed release notes when the new version is available later this year.

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  • By Mads Jakonsen - 1:20 PM on September 11, 2015  

    I hope the watchfolder imagesequence feature includes other formats like tga and tiff

    • By Al Mooney - 3:04 PM on October 5, 2015  

      Yep, not specific to any particular still image format so it will work with those!