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Analyst Report Shows 10x Productivity Gains with Adobe Stock

If you’ve ever wondered how to dramatically shorten creative cycles, look no further. Pfeifer Consulting recently issued a report, commissioned by Adobe, that examines the productivity and efficiency gains from Adobe Stock versus other stock services. We’d heard anecdotal reports of dramatic productivity gains from customers, but wanted to vet them.

According to the Pfeiffer Report “Adobe Stock for Enterprise: Boosting Design Efficiency Through Integration,” creatives can see a 10x productivity gain with Adobe Stock in Photoshop. So many steps are eliminated that the process of licensing an image goes from nearly 3 minutes to 16 seconds.


Some background:

Stock assets are typically accessed through a browser, downloaded to a computer, and edited with watermarks prior to sharing for approval, licensing, and re-editing of the finished asset. With Adobe Stock, which is integrated directly into Creative Cloud desktop apps such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and more, you have access to the ever-growing catalog of 50M images, videos and assets without ever having to leave your design environment, and all edits made to a watermarked image are preserved once the image is licensed. In other words – a significant number of steps are eliminated from the “traditional” process of working with and buying stock imagery.

Here’s an example of how Adobe Stock is integrated with CC Libraries in Photoshop:

Stock screen in Photoshop

If you’re already using Adobe Stock, then you’re likely seeing improvements in productivity. If not, share the Pfeiffer report with your team or visit our Adobe Stock for Enterprise landing page to get started.

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  • By Hara satpathy - 5:18 PM on May 23, 2016  

    Recently I downloaded a stock logo. I got that as JPEG file. I prefer having it in Photoshop file format which would speed up my finished product.

  • By Federico Schafer - 7:29 PM on May 23, 2016  

    Its absolutely great to have stock to license RIGHT in your everyday app. I have PS and AE, I think I’ll start doing it this way.