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September 23, 2008 /

Announcing Soundbooth CS4: Now in Web Premium and Production Premium CS4

Today we announced that the next release of Soundbooth will be available in October. Those of you who follow this blog and downloaded the beta from Adobe Labs already knew it was in the works, but you didn’t know when it would ship until now.

The other part of this announcement I wanted to highlight is that Soundbooth will be included in Web Premium CS4 in addition to our video suite, Production Premium CS4. From talking to customers who were creating Flash projects it had become clear to us that having great audio was not only important for video, but also for anyone creating web experiences and animations. This led us to integrate Soundbooth with Flash authoring and include it as a part of Web Premium CS4.

Flash CS4 supports the new Adobe Sound Document (ASND) format enabling you to create multitrack audio in Soundbooth and easily place the final mixdown on your Flash project timeline. We have also included an “Edit in Soundbooth” command in Flash CS4 so you can make changes to the ASND file and have it update automatically on your Flash timeline giving you a round-trip editing experience between Flash and Soundbooth CS4.

Premiere Pro and After Effects CS4 also support the ASND format and include an “Edit in Soundbooth” for round-trip editing in Production Premium CS4. In addition, Soundbooth CS4 supports Dynamic Link allowing you to display a video sequence from Premiere Pro or After Effects CS4 without having to first render it. This saves you time when editing audio to video and enables you to make changes in either your Premiere Pro or After Effects sequence and have those changes automatically show up when you are editing in Soundbooth.

One other thing worth calling out is that Premiere Pro CS4 also includes Speech Search. The same metadata panel that is in Soundbooth CS4 also exists in Premiere Pro CS4, which allows you to extract speech to text metadata from your audio and video files. This speech metadata can then be used to help you quickly locate edit points during the production process and create keywords for searching through a video or audio file on the web.

These are some of the specific integration features included with Soundbooth CS4 in Web Premium and Production Premium. We have a covered a number of the new Soundbooth CS4 product specific features in previous posts and we will blog about additional feature highlights in the weeks ahead. So please stay tuned…

I would like to personally thank the many thousands of you out there who downloaded the beta and provided us feedback on the forums. Also, a special thanks to all our pre-release users who also provided great feedback and helped us shake the bugs out. We couldn’t have taken Soundbooth to the next level in CS4 without all of you. I’m looking forward to getting Soundbooth CS4 in your hands and hearing what you think of the new release.


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