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Artist Jenean Morrison Turns Captured Shapes into a Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

A few weeks ago we asked the question, what do you love? Your answers came, but not in the form of words. You took pics of things you were fond of and used Adobe Capture CC to turn them into vector shapes. You sent us shapes of the cutest babies we’ve ever seen. Trees with reaching limbs and dogs with panting tongues came too. We saw tasty-looking mushrooms and a bird’s silhouette gliding through calm water.

Illustrator and textile designer Jenean Morrison was waiting in the wings to take it from there. In just a few days, your shapes were fitted, layered and woven into a coloring book that we hope you love.

Jenean sat down with design lifestyle destination Brit + Co to give them an exclusive first look at how she used Capture and Illustrator CC to incorporate dozens of individual vector shapes into an intricately patterned coloring sheet. Read the full article by Kimberly Wang of Brit+Co.

Our lovely coloring book is ready just in time for Valentine’s Day. Grab it here. All it needs it needs now is a bit of color. Try creating vector shapes of your own! Get Capture CC now.



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  • By mark - 2:00 PM on February 11, 2016  

    if it was vector artwork from capture, why not allow us to download the vector artwork instead of a jpeg?