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May 22, 2009 /Audition /

Audition in Broadcast

I’ve been on the road a bit of late and have fallen behind on my blog posts. I have a list of topic ideas on my office whiteboard as a reminder. So now that I’m off the road for a few weeks look for a bit more activity.

Last month I was at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas where I had a chance to talk to many long time Audition customers and partners. Jason Levine packed in the crowds at the Adobe theatre every afternoon showing off the latest capabilities in Audition 3.0.1. I also spoke to a lot of video pros about Soundbooth CS4’s simple noise removal/clean-up tools as well as giving numerous demos of Speech Search. Tradeshows are always exciting and exhausting, but I appreciate the opportunity to get out of the office and talk with broadcasters trying to find the most efficient ways to produce high quality content for distribution on-air and on the web.

Speaking of broadcast customers, last week we were down in Los Angeles visiting with a number of folks using Audition for pre-production. Dirk Sciarrotta let us come behind the scenes at The Ellen Show at their new studio at Warner Brothers. Dirk is the playback mixer for the show (as well as The Family Feud) and he’s a long time Audition user. He uses Audition to assemble voiceovers, sound effects, and background music for the show. All the final audio clips are loaded from Audition into SpotOn, which is the system he uses to playback the clips during the show. Audition is also used to record the musical acts. The day we were there the guest was Jay Leno with music by Ciara. It was great fun for us to be there and to get to watch Dirk and the production sound mixer Terry Fountain in action. You can find out more about their setup in the April issue of Mix Magazine.

The next day we visited Tom Evans over at CBS. Tom is the playback mixer for The Late, Late Show and also does sound work on The Price is Right. Tom gave us a tour of CBS Studio City which included walking across The Price is Right stage to the screams of “the loudest audience in TV” as well as being back stage at The Young and the Restless where we bumped into long time soap star Eric Braeden “Victor” who was looking for snack food between takes. BTW, Audition is used on all of these shows.

Tom also got us backstage at American Idol where we were able to meet one of the icons of live sound engineering Ed Greene during rehearsals for the semi-finals. Afterwards, we watched Tom and The Late, Late Show mix engineer Otto at work recording some comedy sketches for the show and an upcoming musical performance.

I’d also like to hear from anyone else out there that is using Audition for broadcast. Please post a comment describing how you’re using Audition along with any specific feedback you would like to share.



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  • By Attila1234 - 2:13 AM on May 23, 2009  

    I’m using Audition since 1997 when it was called CoolEdit 96. I just love this softwar. I tried other stuffs too, like WaveLab, Soundforge (bleh!), Nuendo but I never felt the same that I do when I’m working with Audition. It’s just the best (for me at least) audio editor for radio productions. I’m actually working on a brand new jingle pack for a small oldies radio station and I know I can make everything with Audition for this project.

  • By Andrew Van Es - 9:40 PM on June 11, 2009  

    Lawson,When can we expect Audition 4.It has been almost 2 years since AU 3 was released.It is my editor of choice but I like using other DAW’s and vst’s.The reason I am asking you is that there is no longer any one else to confirm or deny.Anyway my money is ready when they are.CheersAndrew Van Es

  • By Lawson - 2:36 PM on August 3, 2009  

    Hi Andrew,Apologies for the delay in my response. I recently discovered during a blog upgrade that the spam filters weren’t letting a number of real comments through.While I can’t comment on future product releases publicly, I can tell you we are actively working on an update to Audition. Stay tuned…Lawson

  • By Dennis B. Collin, Ph.D. - 1:36 PM on August 10, 2009  

    I do not use Audition in broadcast, I use it in NARROWCASTING. I have just developed and devised a set of new technologies and more importanly Methodologies that will allow anyone to create and manage a Network bigger and more powerful than ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX combined via the Internet. I am working with and through Monique Sherman on it. In simple terms, I have solved the bandwidth problem for mass content distribution.

  • By Ernesto Fiks - 3:19 PM on September 19, 2009  

    I have been working in post production for spots since 1999 there is no software like audition for audio postproduction, its a shame that there is no version for Mac.