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Web Design Essentials: Creating Forms in Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver CC has a great many form options and possibilities, from basic to advanced. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of creating functional, tasty forms. No french dressing required.

May 5, 2016 / Web Design

HTML Email? Dreamweaver CC Delivers!

A recent industry study named Dreamweaver CC the overwhelming favorite HTML editor for designing and developing HTML emails. And not by a little: Dreamweaver was preferred by greater than twice as the nearest competitor.

Rolling Animate CC Projects into Dreamweaver CC Web Pages

Sure, animations bring web pages to life. But for far too long, you needed to virtually channel Victor Frankenstein (pronounced Frahnk-en-steen) just to juggle all the elements necessary for handling a proper integration across browser platforms.

Meet Dreamweaver’s Extended Family

Okay, I’ll confess. I’m a Dreamweaver extension junkie. I’ve long admired the foresight and effort invested by Dreamweaver engineers to make the core functionality of the program both customizable and extensible in recognition of the ever-evolving needs of web designers and developers.

December 9, 2015 / Milestones

18 Dreamweaver Tips in Celebration of 18 Years

WOW, Dreamweaver is 18! Our baby is all grown up. From a precocious start that took the web-building world by storm, Dreamweaver has flourished by continually innovating to keep apace with modern trends in design and code.

November 19, 2015 / Dreamweaver Interface

Integrating jQuery UI components in Live view

The promise of jQuery—a fast, flexible JavaScript framework—is beautifully realized through jQuery UI, a series of consistent, themeable, highly-interactive page widgets, complete with interactions and effects.