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XD Best Practices
August 8, 2017 / UX/UI Design

What Every Graphic Designer Thinking About UX Should Know

At a foundational level, both Graphic Design and UX are about solving problems through design, and there are also some differences to note.

XD Best Practices
July 27, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Chasing Inspiration: Setting the Right Conditions for Inspiration to Strike

Inspiration has many mythical and mysterious qualities. So, how can you increase your chances of inspiration striking more frequently? What are the conditions that invite inspiration in? Read on…

XD Design Interviews
June 28, 2017 / UX/UI Design

From Industrial Designer to UX Designer and UX Researcher, Meet Heather McGaw

Heather McGaw is currently a Senior UX Researcher at Mozilla. We chat with her about the evolution of her career, advice for designers starting out, and her perspectives on design in different contexts.

XD Events
June 13, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Learn and Network: A Round-Up of Some Great UX Conferences

There are so many UX events and conferences that take place all around the world – and many different niches and levels of event production. The following round up is by no means exhaustive, but should give you a taste of some Linn Vizard’s personal UX event highlights.

XD Best Practices
May 11, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Getting the Most Out of User Tests

It can be time and resource intensive to set up and run user tests. Some of the ways to make sure that you get the most from every round of user testing you and your team runs.

XD Workplace Leadership
May 9, 2017 / UX/UI Design

Enabling a Culture of Feedback: A Conversation with Talin Wadsworth, Lead Designer for Adobe XD

Talin Wadsworth, Lead Designer for Adobe XD, is part of a centralized team at Adobe, and leads 7 designers directly. As the team has grown, one focus for him has been evolving a process that can continue to foster a culture of open feedback. We had a conversation about what he has learned along the way.