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October 18, 2017 / Photography

Crafting Double Exposures with Birgit Palma

Birgit Palma describes her creative process as, above all else, playful. So when we asked the Austrian-born and Barcelona-based artist, illustrator, and type designer to try out the new Logitech Craft Keyboard, she was game. We followed Birgit as she created a double exposure image with the new keyboard to see how it impacted her process.

Adobe MAX
October 11, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Is a Creative by Any Other Name Just as Talented?

As the makers of workflow management software for creative and marketing teams, we decided to survey designers, illustrators, writers, developers and executives on how they feel about creative as a noun. Is it a useful catch-all like educator (which can apply to anyone from a kindergarten teacher to a tenured professor) or just one more piece of eyeroll-worthy business jargon that we can live without?

Adobe MAX
September 26, 2017 / Adobe MAX / Type

What Makes a Good Font Good? Find out with Monotype at Adobe MAX

“I believe good type is what makes or breaks a brand,” says Jamie Neely, Director of Product Design at Monotype. “But designers have so many things to think about these days–print, web, mobile, social, physical, virtual, and so on–so the onus is on us to choose type wisely, and use it with good intent.”

September 20, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Pawel Nolbert on Paint, Process, and the Joys of Analog

Visual artist Pawel Nolbert recently collaborated with Logitech on their release of Craft – a new keyboard that promises to change the way creatives work. Logitech sat down with him to talk inspiration, process, and what’s it like to create a piece of work with the new keyboard.

September 19, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Adobe’s Michaël Chaize on the Deeply Graphic Designcast

Join Wes McDowell as he sits down with Adobe’s Michaël Chaize to discuss upcoming additions to Creative Cloud, as well as a few cool things you can currently use that you may not have known about.  They also touch on the cool things attendees can expect to do/see/learn at the upcoming AdobeMax conference in Vegas.

Adobe MAX
September 19, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Elevate Your Social with Adobe Spark

Did you know Adobe Spark Post is the fastest way to create stunning graphics for your social feed? Install the iOS app or log in on web before MAX so you’ll be ready to share your favorite MAX memories in a beautiful graphic in just a few clicks. Here’s a sample design to get you started. Just hit remix and give it your own spin.