Adobe Creative Cloud

Add Video to Your Website with Dreamweaver CC

Video content is an essential part of web page design today. Many people prefer to watch a short video rather than read content, such as learning how to refinish a table. With the evolution of HTML5 video tags, it is much easier to insert video on a page than it was previously.

Use CC Libraries with Adobe Stock

Learn how to use the Creative Cloud and Dreamweaver’s CC Libraries panel to collect and manage website assets.

December 11, 2015 / Dreamweaver Interface

Use the Extract panel with Artboards

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Develop a Responsive Design with the Visual Media Queries Bar

The implementation of responsive design in standard website development is accepted practice today. The tools for designing responsive website have improved dramatically over the last several years.

Use the DOM Panel to Rearrange HTML Elements

Many times you may have a good start on a page design, but would like to experiment with reordering some of the page elements. This is very easy to do with the DOM panel and Live view.

Use Resizable Live View to Lay Out a Responsive Website

Dreamweaver’s Live View does double duty as both a live preview of an open page and a live edit mode.