Adobe Creative Cloud


Jeffrey Veen, senior director of products, Web and Interactive Solutions, Adobe

Jeffrey Veen oversees all Creative Cloud and Touch App product development and design.

Veen joined Adobe in 2011 when the company acquired Typekit, where he was founder and CEO. Typekit is the award-winning web font service that is bringing real typography to the Web.

Earlier in his career, Veen was one of the founding partners of Adaptive Path and project lead for Measure Map, the web analytics tool acquired by Google in 2006, where he managed the user experience group responsible for some of the largest web apps in the world. As a consultant, Veen has been involved in designing some of the leading blog and social media applications on the web, including Blogger, TypePad, Flickr, and National Public Radio.

Previously, Veen served as the executive director of Interface Design for Wired Digital and Lycos Inc., where he managed the look and feel of HotWired, the HotBot search engine, and others.

In addition to lecturing and writing on Web design and development, Veen has been active with the World Wide Web Consortium’s CSS Editorial Review Board as an invited expert on electronic publishing. He was also an original columnist for Webmonkey, and the author of the acclaimed books “The Art & Science of Web Design” and “HotWired Style: Principles for Building Smart Web Sites.”

Veen was named a Tech Fellow for Product Design by TechCrunch, and was awarded a Web Innovator award by CNET.