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Behance ProSite is now included in Creative Cloud memberships

You probably heard back in December that Adobe acquired Behance, the leading online social media platform that enables creative professionals to showcase and share their work with millions. We wanted to share some great news for our Creative Cloud complete members.

Starting today, Behance ProSite (normally $100/year) will be available at no additional cost for all paid Creative Cloud complete members. ProSite transforms a public Behance portfolio into a fully customized personal portfolio site with your own URL. You can design an incredible portfolio site that stays in sync with your projects on Behance, increasing your efficiency and helping your work get more exposure from Behance’s 18+ million visitors every month.

If you’re ready to get started building and customizing your Behance ProSite, just a few quick steps:

  1. Login and go to the Apps page on
  2. Find the ProSite icon under “Other Services” and click on the “Get Started” link
  3. You’ll be brought to the ProSite welcome page on Behance, where you can either log in or sign up for Behance to build your portfolio and launch your ProSite when you’re ready.

Not a paid Creative Cloud complete member yet?  Free Creative Cloud members can link their accounts to using the “Get Started” link under the Behance icon.  When you’re ready, move up to a Creative Cloud complete plan or team plan, and you’ll get ProSite too!

If you have any questions, please leave comments here or visit our forum.

UPDATE (May 6, 2013): In addition to all the groundbreaking Creative Cloud announcements today at Adobe MAX, we have great news about Behance ProSite.  We’re now including ProSite with ALL Creative Cloud paid memberships. When you’re ready to build and customize your ProSite, just follow the same simple steps in our original post here.  If you missed the keynote, you can watch it here.


  • By John Giannini - 12:30 PM on March 27, 2013  

    If I create a Behance site will that be separate from the site I created using Muse and hosted on Business Catalyst?

  • By Lorin Richter - 12:34 PM on March 27, 2013  

    gotta be a catch some where…

  • By Samantha - 12:45 PM on March 27, 2013  

    My website is already hosted by Behance – is there any way to get a refund on the year subscription I just bought since I use both Creative Cloud and Prosite?

    • By Julia - 1:09 PM on March 27, 2013  

      I have the exact same situation as Samantha. I’d love to know the answer!

    • By Chad Lewine - 1:18 PM on March 27, 2013  

      there should be! depending how long ago u got it

    • By Megan - 4:05 PM on March 27, 2013  

      Thanks for asking, Samantha! Yes, yearly ProSite members will indeed be able to get a partial credit. However, monthly members will not. If you’ve already paid for both Creative Cloud and ProSite and want to inquire about a refund, you will need to reach out to the ProSite support team via their forums.

  • By RICHARD - 12:48 PM on March 27, 2013  

    I just, just recieved an email about a free Behance account with my current subscription. However it says error when i try to log in or sign up.

    • By Megan - 4:07 PM on March 27, 2013  

      Hi Richard, sorry you are having trouble. The team found a bug this morning when users had special characters in their password (like parentheses). So if their Adobe password included those characters, it caused an error when attempting to link. This bug should be fixed now – so can you please try again? If you are still experiencing trouble, I suggest you contact the ProSite support team via their forums. They will be able to better assist you.

  • By Chad Lewine - 1:08 PM on March 27, 2013  

    This is an incredible partnership. I used ProSite for one month but I couldn’t justify paying for it yet. This will be so great!!

  • By Francisco - 1:09 PM on March 27, 2013  

    I have the same problem as Samantha,

    Do I get refund from the one year subscription?

  • By Matt Broadstreet - 1:14 PM on March 27, 2013  

    Seems like you need to sign up by ‘linking’ your Adobe ID (a button at the top of the sign up page once you click to sign up).

  • By Paul Ciura - 1:32 PM on March 27, 2013  

    For those that say the login doesn’t work, just lick on the sign up link and pick the Adobe Creative Cloud logo, fill in the information and submit it. It worked just fine for me.

    Good luck!

  • By Brandon - 2:59 PM on March 27, 2013  

    Setting it up now.. Is it free for the entire duration of my Creative Cloud Membership? Or is it just for a limited time?

    • By ProDesignTools - 6:23 PM on March 27, 2013  

      The former — it has now become part of the full Creative Cloud, and included with paid membership.

  • By Kamran Mackey - 3:25 PM on March 27, 2013  

    I don’t think this is really fair for free Creative Cloud members. I really don’t.

    • By Alastair Moore - 7:42 PM on March 27, 2013  

      Don’t be ridiculous. Why is it not fair for free users? Why should they get a free ProSite too?

    • By Toby Hoffman - 8:40 PM on May 7, 2013  

      how old are you kid?

  • By Kevin - 5:10 PM on March 27, 2013  

    Woo hoo! Love that its included in our membership! But I still miss Behance on LinkedIn! See you at MAX!

  • By Sjaani - 5:37 PM on March 27, 2013  

    If it’s free why am I being asked “Are you sure you want to pay for ProSite through your Creative Cloud membership?”

    • By Megan - 9:39 AM on March 28, 2013  

      Hi Sjaani – ProSite is included in a complete Creative Cloud paid membership. It is not included with free accounts or the single product subscription accounts, at this time. If you are a complete member and having trouble linking your accounts, please contact this forum for support.

  • By Dennis Logue - 6:20 PM on March 27, 2013  

    I have an old iWeb/Blog site that I used when I was traveling around the Western US. My hosting service is about to expire for that site. Can I build a new site with Behance and use (move) the old domain name?

  • By Leslie - 12:43 AM on March 28, 2013  

    Just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, you don’t have to pay to publish?

    • By ProDesignTools - 7:15 PM on March 29, 2013  

      Building & publishing a ProSite is now included with all paid Creative Cloud memberships – so no, there is no additional cost.

  • By Mas - 2:53 AM on March 28, 2013  

    I am a complete subscriber to Creative Suite 6 on ongoing basis. Haven’t as yet used it much, but now want to start with a Portfolio AND E-Commerce website building. Where best can I start, Prosite/Behance, dreamweaver or neither. please advise with sufficient detail.
    Thank you

  • By Peter Idler - 2:58 AM on March 28, 2013  

    Great! as soon as I finished my projekt, I will build a prosite!

  • By Ricky - 4:59 AM on March 28, 2013  

    It doesn’t seem to be free for Creative Cloud members.

    Once you link your Adobe Creative Cloud Account it still requires you to select one of the paid options and enter credit card details before you can activate the Prosite.

    • By Megan - 9:57 AM on March 28, 2013  

      Hi Ricky. Did you happen to already have a free level ProSite account before this announcement yesterday? If so, try going to the “account linking” section of your ProSite profile and explicitly select Creative Cloud as the means to pay for your ProSite. Then you should be able to go back and activate without being required to pay. Hopefully this will fix your issue.

  • By Anardo Cuello - 10:29 AM on March 28, 2013  

    I am a long time ProSite paying member. I am wondering why is the ProSite not responsive? It is 2013 right? Since Adobe purchased it are we going to see the product improve, or become crap like Dreamweaver?

  • By Amyn - 11:30 AM on March 28, 2013  

    Can one subscribe thru Behance if I don’t need Creative Cloud?

    • By ProDesignTools - 12:16 PM on April 4, 2013  

      Yes, you can still subscribe to Behance separately for $11/month or $99/year.

  • By Bob - 1:21 PM on March 28, 2013  

    Why do I have to sign into both Adobe and Behance, as well as create a separate account & login??

  • By Smaranda - 1:49 PM on March 28, 2013  

    wow! this creative clowd membership just keeps getting better and better! :)

  • By Aaron - 2:12 PM on March 28, 2013  

    I upgraded my creative cloud account from free to single app, and when I linked my behance to CC, it says I have a free account and have to pay for ProSite

  • By Dave - 5:03 AM on March 29, 2013  

    How do I publish directly to Behance from Lightroom 4? Seems odd that I can do that with Flickr and Facebook, but not Adobe’s own product.

  • By Mark - 1:32 AM on March 30, 2013  

    Sou novato , estou fazendo curso de Photoshop mas gostaria de construir um Site já . Gostaria de saber se vocêis não tem algum curso de Edge Animator e Edge Reflow.
    Exatamente na cidade de Sãp Paulo.

    ” jà esta na hora de vocêis se tornarem mais presentes no Brasil”


  • By Jack Marshall - 12:18 PM on April 1, 2013  

    Couldn’t they come up with a less stupid name then Behance

  • By Taylor - 11:34 PM on April 1, 2013  

    So to clarify, if you have the “Student and Teachers” plan (that says it has the “same features as Individual Complete plan”) are you eligible to get the free Behance Prosite?

    • By ProDesignTools - 12:17 PM on April 4, 2013  

      Yes, all paid Creative Cloud members get it at no additional cost, either commercial or education.

      • By David - 1:35 AM on May 24, 2013  

        What about single app creative cloud members does this still apply

  • By Matthews - 4:23 AM on April 2, 2013  

    I really don’t understand ! I now have two behance accounts (CC one & my old acount) ! is it possible to mix both of them in a single account?

    • By Pascal - 3:10 PM on April 7, 2013  

      You can link your old account to your CC by going to the invite and promote panel in behance

  • By Byron Smith - 10:55 AM on April 4, 2013  

    I am trying to link my account and it refuses my password ? So I reset my password for my Adobe ID and it still refuses it !?

    • By Pascal - 3:07 PM on April 7, 2013  

      I had to try it a couple of times but than it worked. maybe you also have to go this route

  • By avgan - 2:54 PM on April 5, 2013  

    Why do I have to sign into both
    Adobe and Behance, as well as
    create a separate account &

  • By Ankit - 2:26 AM on April 9, 2013  


    The above instruction says, go to apps and click ‘Get started’ under ‘ProSite App’ but i am only seeing ‘Learn more’ link. I am seeing ‘Getting Started’ under ‘Behance’ app…so which one is it?

    I tried the clicking on the get started under behance and it just logs me in my behance/prosite account, but thats about it, no confirmation or indication whether my prosite is free from now on.

    Please help.

  • By - 11:43 AM on April 12, 2013  

    Good news for all user of Creative Cloud

  • By Sharon - 4:34 PM on April 12, 2013  

    And the hits just keep on coming! Best buck a day investment I ever made!

  • By David Faircloth - 8:46 PM on April 14, 2013  

    Action Method….. Is that coming?!!?!?!?! I need Action Method, but don’t want to pay 9 dollars a month for the paid?!!?! It would be amazing if Action Method would also be added to CC.

  • By Steve - 6:49 AM on April 15, 2013  

    Where do you sign up for Cloud Complete membership? Can someone send me a URL?

  • By Christopher Prescod - 8:38 AM on April 23, 2013  

    I am paid creative cloud member, I have tried to setup, but every time i click on the Adobe ID button on the Behest site, I get taken to an unknown page. Please help. Thank you.

  • By Chris Montano - 6:23 AM on April 29, 2013  

    I have a creative cloud membership yet cannot see a “get started” link when I follow the directions given. Can you please assist?


  • By Winthrod - 7:14 AM on May 2, 2013  

    I have downloaded Behance on my iPod touch and tried having it send an invite to my Adobe CC email – it never arrived, even after telling it to send three times. This is over the course of a couple of days.

    Now, I try to go to the Behance Prosite and click on the ‘Login with Adobe ID’ button and the page goes blank.

    Is Behance having issues?

  • By Meg - 12:32 PM on May 2, 2013  

    If I have already paid for my prosite will that be refunded if I join Creative Cloud?
    Thank you.

  • By axell alberto paniagua lopez - 3:18 PM on May 2, 2013  

    como conecto mi cuenta de adobe a behance?

  • By ben hadi fouad - 12:06 PM on May 3, 2013  

    salut je vaudrais creer un site web pour vendre achat immobilier je vien de commencer mais je trouve des probleme pour bien contunier au bien rriver thanks

  • By Steve - 2:28 AM on May 9, 2013  

    Can I sell my products through a portfolio site made we behance ? Like I do on my own site I would only like to run one site and not have to use one for selling and one for display.

  • By kittipong - 11:16 AM on May 11, 2013  


  • By Martin - 2:12 PM on May 22, 2013  

    I really like the possibility to get a free prosite account with my CC membership. But I have the following problem:

    Can I change the linked prosite account? Because I activated the wrong behance account to my CC. :(

  • By Matt - 8:52 AM on June 9, 2013  

    Hey, do I have to pay to have the page launched once it’s finished on ProSite,
    Despite having paid for the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud?

  • By jacob - 11:10 PM on June 14, 2013  

    Does the Creative Cloud Students get it for free as well?