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Brand New Technology from Adobe Labs Now in The Creative SDK

We strive to deliver amazing creative experiences to Creative Cloud users across platforms, devices and applications. To that end, we continue to develop our powerful desktop applications and constantly invent new ways to create on mobile with our catalog of mobile apps, including Adobe Comp CC for layout ideation, and Adobe Shape CC and Adobe Color CC to capture inspiration whenever it strikes.

Starting last year, we put a lot of this technology in the hands of our partners by publicly releasing the Adobe Creative SDK (the platform on which our own mobile apps are built) to enable developers to integrate Adobe technology directly into their applications. Now, users can access their favorite creative content and tools wherever they go—using our apps or our partners’ apps—and have the most inspiring and seamless creative experiences possible.

Our latest releases for the Creative SDK are here!
On Android, we now have 18 languages supported as well as the ability to access your Creative Cloud Libraries. On iOS, we’ve made some important UI and performance updates and are excited to announce that, for the first time ever, we’ve added exclusive new technology from Adobe Labs with the feature Magic Selection View. With Magic Selection View, you can use our latest technology to identify and pull selected portions of the image out of the foreground—with just two fingers:


Using one finger you can paint your desired selection of the image.


Once the selection is painted you can extract the selected foreground bits from the image.

That’s it! Now, your favorite apps can integrate the SDK to enable their users with this powerful new feature. Currently, this tool is only available on iOS applications but it will be coming to Android later this year.

Get the update.

This Adobe Labs component is a beta product, and is provided with very limited support. As with all of our SDKs, we welcome your feedback.


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