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Workaround for bug in shortcut (tap Shift) for opening the composition mini-flowchart

In After Effects CS6, there is a bug that prevents the tapping of the Shift key from reliably opening the composition mini-flowchart.

The problem is that the drawing of the cache indicators in the Timeline panel can sometimes prevent the application from immediately responding to this keyboard shortcut (which is a brief tap on the Shift key).

There are two easy ways for you to work around this issue for now:

  • Disable the showing of cache indicators by deselecting Show Cache Indicators in the Timeline panel menu (the menu that you can open by clicking the icon in the upper-right tab in the panel).
  • Instead of using the shortcut, open the composition mini-flowchart by clicking the arrow in the composition navigator at the top of the Composition panel or by clicking the Composition Mini-Flowchart button to the right of the search field at the top of the Timeline panel. (See the After Effects Help page for screenshots.)

We realize that not being able to reliably use this keyboard shortcut is an annoyance, and we’re looking into a fix.

[UPDATE: We’ve addressed this in After Effects CC (12.0) by changing the key used for this command from Shift to Tab. This avoids problems that arise from using lone modifier keys like Shift for commands.]

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