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August 15, 2010 /Region of Interest /

CameraTracker and Kronos released

Rich Young has a good overview of the new Kronos and CameraTracker plug-ins from The Foundry for After Effects.

I got a chance to play around with these plug-ins before their release, and I was impressed by their power and usability.

I’m familiar with the earlier version of Kronos in large part because the Timewarp effect in After Effects is based on it. The major difference that I noticed in the new Kronos is that it’s a lot faster on my computer that has a CUDA card. You can download the free evalution version from here.

The CameraTracker plug-in, on the other had, was more new to me. I had used some other camera-tracking/matchmoving software before, but it had always seemed quite a chore. CameraTracker was pretty intuitive and easy to use right away. The tutorials and documentation were especially useful. You can download the free evaluation version from here.

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