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Carey Dissmore shows how to edit a demo reel using Adobe Premiere Pro

Last week, Carey Dissmore presented a seminar on how to edit a demo reel in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here’s the recording.

Carey covered a lot of useful and interesting material, both in the main presentation and in the question-and-answer segment at the end. Because Carey has spent a lot of his career using Final Cut Pro, much of his presentation focused on how he is making the transition to Premiere Pro and what similarities and differences are between the two applications. I recommend that anyone who uses (or wants to use) a non-linear editor check out the recording.

For more information about making the transition from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro (including a limited-time offer to save 50% off the price of Premiere Pro or Production Premium), see this page.

I should also point out that Carey will be doing a hands-on, interactive workshop on this same topic at the motion conference in October.

Here’s a brief outline of what Carey talked about, as well as some links to more information about each subject:

introduction, setup, and importing

basic editing

interchange with After Effects

interchange with Final Cut Pro 7 and exporting

miscellaneous questions and answers

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