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Contributor Spotlight: Daniela Mangiuca AKA 3000ad

Daniela Mangiuca, who goes by 3000ad on Adobe Stock, talks about creating imaginative renderings that connect us to a distant future.

New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Adobe Sign Integration and Non-Zip Vectors

Introducing the latest updates for Adobe Stock Contributors, including the Adobe Sign integration for model and property releases, and faster vector uploads.

A New Marketplace for Motion Graphics Templates

Do you have experience creating or selling Motion Graphics Templates? We’re looking for qualified candidates to join our global community of Adobe Stock Contributors.

Contributor Spotlight: Roberto Hartasanchez

Retro-inspired graphic designer Roberto Hartasanchez share his journey into the stock industry.

6 Tips for Producing Natural Stock

Adobe Stock contributor Eugenio Marongui and Brianna Wettlaufer, CEO and Co-founder of Stocksy, share their advice for photographers looking to produce striking but authentic images.

Resumes for Your Dream Job by Bill Mawhinney

Templates Contributor Bill Mawhinney shares his secret sauces for eye-catching resumes.