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Which Product Do I Use to Create That?

When you’ve got a new project on your hands, you probably ask yourself, “Which design product should I use to make this?” To help you get started, we’ve created an easy reference for some of the most common design projects.

Design Segment
July 17, 2017 / Creative Cloud

Color Fonts Coming to Illustrator CC

We’re excited to let you know that color fonts (OpenType-SVG) will be coming soon to the next update of Illustrator CC.

Breaking the Rules of Composition to Create Thought-Provoking Images

In July, we’re investigating how artists break the rules of composition to create unsettling, thought-provoking images.

July 14, 2017 / Creative Cloud / Learn

Make Monogram Business Cards

Make monogram business cards in Illustrator CC with the templates available here to download.

Contributor Spotlight: Roberto Hartasanchez

Retro-inspired graphic designer Roberto Hartasanchez share his journey into the stock industry.

Collection Highlight: Hand-crafted Portraits by Foto Sushi

Jon Anderson, Founder of portrait agency Foto Sushi, speaks to the importance of creating stock with the designer in mind.