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New Tools Bridge The Gap Between Designers & Developers

Collaboration between designers and developers is made difficult when design teams live in Adobe Creative Cloud and development and product teams are in Jira or other popular tools for project management. Fortunately, a growing ecosystem of new integrations built on the Creative Cloud Platform connect these islands to enable seamless workflows and productivity that drives real results.

Moving Stories: How Artists Grab Our Attention with Short Films

We talked to two filmmakers about creating short films and stock footage to tell stories.

From THINK to FEEL: The Design transformation of IBM

IBM is following in the footsteps of companies far younger than it is. IBM and these like-minded companies have discovered one secret to success — the knowledge that Design is Power.

September 16, 2017 / Adobe Stock / Creative Cloud

All about 3D Materials: Metal

See how Adobe Stock and Project Felix can help you bring the texture of metal to your next project.

Adobe MAX
September 13, 2017 / Adobe MAX / Creative Cloud / Type / Typekit

Adobe MAX Las Vegas: Visit us in Typekit City

You may traverse the canals of Venice or wander the streets of New York or Paris, but don’t forget to add a new destination to your city-within-Vegas list: Adobe Typekit’s Type City and the neighboring Type Village.

Feature Reveal: Motion Graphics Templates for Adobe Stock

We are excited to reveal motion graphics templates from Adobe Stock for IBC 2017.