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Art and Empathy — the Virtual Reality of Social Change

The empathy we gain through virtual reality-informed (VR-informed) experiences appears to influence our empathic natures as strongly as the experiences we gain through our everyday lives.

April Visual Trend Exploration: Remote Travel

Millennials and ecotourists are traveling to more remote places than ever, and taking their cameras along. We followed young photographers to Tahiti as they captured beautiful images and grappled with environmental issues.

Lifestyle Photography Tips from Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Emily Nathan, founder of the photography community and travel magazine Tiny Atlas Quarterly, shares her best tips for shooting lifestyle imagery on location.

New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Auto-Categories, Mobile Uploads from Adobe Photoshop Mix, and More.

Now you can submit your mobile images directly from Adobe Photoshop Mix on iOS to Adobe Stock!

Hayden Zezula and Project Felix: Experiments in Light

Professional 3D designer Hayden Zezula knows photorealistic images are essential to visualizing the impossible. How does Project Felix measure up to traditional 3D design software? To find out, Hayden put the new compositing tool to the test.

Creating a 360° Facebook Photo World

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