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September 27, 2017 / Adobe Stock / Creative Tools

Create Inspiring Presentations with Adobe Stock and Google Slides

Adobe Stock is now available for Google Slides so you can create, edit, and collaborate with the best images at your fingertips.

September 25, 2017 / Adobe Stock / Creative Tools

Take Creative Collaboration to the Next Level

Preview and share Adobe Stock images directly within your Microsoft Teams workspace.

Adobe MAX

Lo-fi Magic, Design, and Paper Planetariums

Join Kelli Anderson as she explains the ideas, process, and tools behind her delightful paper contraptions and stop-motion animations. Learn how a tinkering approach can help lead designers to creative solutions — as they think with their hands to solicit feedback from their materials.

Adobe MAX

Discover a New Way to Create with Digital Products from Moleskine

As we move further into a digital world; consuming music from the cloud, reading stories online, and sketching notes and designs on battery-powered devices, Moleskine has embraced this reality by providing products that bridge the gap between analog and digital products. For Adobe MAX, Moleskine is offering attendees the opportunity to test out their innovative M+ products; an ecosystem of tools that include digital and physical products that enhance productivity and the generation of ideas.

The Best Images Make the Best Presentations

Building compelling presentations with Adobe Stock images is now even easier with the new PowerPoint add-in.

February Visual Trend Exploration: Urbanization

We take a deeper dive into the impact of drones on our view of urban landscapes.