Adobe Creative Cloud

Customer Success

Prototyping the Lids Custom Zone

Lids challenged the creative digital agency Perficient Digital to bring the experience to life in time for the 2017 holidays. Using Adobe XD CC in Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, the Perficient Digital user experience (UX) team successfully created wireframes and a working prototype within four weeks.

XD Customer Stories

Smart Billing Through a Mobile App

Smartly turned to Backelite, the Digital Service Design division of Capgemini, to help build an app. Their challenge? Build a new mobile app for two platforms in just six weeks.

WSU Student Creates Viral Tonight Show Video With Creative Cloud

To draw attention to his internship application with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jake Sirianni took footage from a segment with Daniel Radcliffe rapping and “somehow” edited Daniel out and inserted himself instead. “Somehow” included Adobe Creative Cloud’s assistance.

Virtual Reality with Purpose

Jonathan Powell and Brian Mahoney formed their VR production company, Look On Media, less than a year ago with a focus on creating solutions for education, healthcare, and business.

The Making of Princess Rap Battles

What happens when Snow White and Elsa face off in a rap battle? If you don’t already know, where have you been? Whitney Avalon’s Snow White vs Elsa video has more than 130 million views and counting, and it isn’t alone

Rememory Editors Benefit from Integrated Post-Production Workflow

Editor Tyler Nelson has worked on many blockbuster films. For Gone Girl, he helped develop a post-production pipeline featuring Adobe Premiere Pro, so when Mark Palansky selected him to edit the film Rememory, working with Premiere again was an easy choice.