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Artist Spotlight: Alex Palazzi

Barcelona based graphic designer and motion artists Artist Palazzi shares his approach to creating surreal and textural digital art inspired by food.

January Visual Trend: Digital Art Gets Delicate

For professional designers, the boundary between digital and analog is blurring as technological advancements such as tablets and digital pens enable more realistic, delicate, and detailed art.

2017 Visual Trends from Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock looks ahead to 2017 and the Visual Trends that will flourish this year.

December 12, 2016 / Digital Imaging

Photoshop CC Adds Support for OpenType−SVG Fonts: An in-depth look

OT-SVG color fonts are now supported in Photoshop! This post dives into what they are, how to use them in Photoshop CC, and what exciting possibilities they open up for the future of design.

December 12, 2016 / Digital Imaging

How Facial Recognition and Detection Technology Will Influence Our Creative Future

Facial detection and recognition has evolved from a futuristic fairytale into a central piece of today’s digital, social, and technological landscape. Beyond Facebook and Snapchat, these technologies are transforming the creative process, using image recognition to automate routine tasks and enabling designers, photographers and filmmakers to focus on their creative visions. Here’s a closer look at how facial recognition and detection technology will shape our creative future.

Hands-On: Graphic Design Tools Before the Desktop Publishing Revolution

Our retrospective on graphic design takes a slight u-turn as we travel back in time. Like waaaay back. Take a look at how the OGs (original gangsters) of the 50s and 60s made it work from a hands-off-hands-on perspective.