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Coachella 2017: Behind the Scenes with Album Art Designers

Behind every great band is great album art. We sat down with some of the creative minds whose album art will be featured in the 2017 Coachella line-up.

Inside the Designer’s Cart: Ingrid Tsy

Graphic Designer Ingrid Tsy gives us a sneak peak into the Stock assets she used to create her digital artwork inspired by our April Visual Trend, No Man is an Island.

WSU Student Creates Viral Tonight Show Video With Creative Cloud

To draw attention to his internship application with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jake Sirianni took footage from a segment with Daniel Radcliffe rapping and “somehow” edited Daniel out and inserted himself instead. “Somehow” included Adobe Creative Cloud’s assistance.

Artist Spotlight: Ingrid Tsy

Find out how graphic designer and 3D artist Ingrid Tsy’s path to her creative career and where she gathers inspiration.

GIFs: Making Old School New Again

Brands like NASA know that to reach young people today, you’ve got to use visual content. GIFs are an excellent way to communicate information and capture attention, and they’re easier to create than you think.

Digital Art Disruption: Bringing New Possibilities to Fine Art

Technology disruptions of fine art haven’t killed it yet — today it embraces both beauty and impact across a variety of media. And painting’s trajectory represents an interesting opportunity for artists to leverage technology — once its ousting force — as more friend than frenemy.