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Working at Play: Mattel Infuses Wonder Into Design

Mattel’s Vanessa Dewey believes play and imagination doesn’t need to end with childhood. She’s on a mission to inspire, connect, and elevate Mattel’s creative community through a number of holistic strategies.

Digital Art Disruption: Bringing New Possibilities to Fine Art

Technology disruptions of fine art haven’t killed it yet — today it embraces both beauty and impact across a variety of media. And painting’s trajectory represents an interesting opportunity for artists to leverage technology — once its ousting force — as more friend than frenemy.

Inside the Designer’s Cart: Jing Zhang

Designer Jing Zhang used stock images to pay homage to the work of British-Iranian architect Zaha Hadid.

Stock Content Wanted: Environment and Industry

Our customers are looking for engaging and impactful images and videos on the subjects of sustainability and industrialism. Submit your content to Adobe Stock today.

Artist Spotlight: Jing Zhang

London based illustrator and self professed geek shares her illustrative techniques and sources of inspiration.

January Visual Trend Round Up

January was jam-packed with incredible design insight complements of an amazing collection of talented illustrators, designers and digital artists.