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January Visual Trend Round Up

January was jam-packed with incredible design insight complements of an amazing collection of talented illustrators, designers and digital artists.

January Visual Trend Exploration: Digital Illustration

Digital sketching tools are transforming the way illustrators and graphic designers work. With efficiency, mobility, and flexibility, the tablet is becoming a serious design tool and giving way to a new wave of digital designers.

January Visual Trend: Digital Art Gets Delicate

For professional designers, the boundary between digital and analog is blurring as technological advancements such as tablets and digital pens enable more realistic, delicate, and detailed art.

Stock Illustration Tips from Natalia Hubbert

Watercolor illustrator and Adobe Stock Contributor Natalia Hubbert gives us her top tips for creating best selling stock illustrations.

Behind the Image: Painting the Night Sky with Natalia Hubbert

Illustrator Natalia Hubbert explains the process and inspiration behind her zodiac painting series, featured in our 2017 Horoscopes for Creatives.

2017 Horoscope for Creatives

A great horoscope does more than forecast the future — it inspires, motivates and compels action that can help you reach your career goals.