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Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams—Creativity Meets Collaboration

In an era where businesses and brands are powered by digital transformation, creative teams and business teams can’t afford to be isolated from one another. That’s why Adobe and Microsoft have partnered to make collaboration, communication, and decision-making faster and easier with the Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams integration.

Secrets to Telling a Story in Just One Image

We talked to an illustrator and a photographer about how to tell a story with a single image.

September 12, 2017 / Illustration & Drawing

Enhancing the Business of Creativity

Adobe Acrobat and Scan can help creatives navigate the business of creativity. At Adobe MAX we’ll be demoing these capabilities on the Adobe booth and at two customer presentations.

Adobe MAX

The Monster Project: Getting Creative with Doing Good

In 2010, Katie Johnson, founder and president of The Monster Project, took 20 monsters drawn by a class of second graders and re-imagined them in her own artistic style. That personal creative prompt has since grown into a collaboration of hundreds of artists and students from around the world.

Design Segment

Designing Ads for Cross-Channel Campaigns: Here’s What You Need to Know

Design simple, effective online ads that can be used across multiple platforms to connect the dots between target customers, marketing objectives, and the brand experience as a whole.

Aspirational Demo: Ryogo Toyoda’s Color-Packed Homage to the 80s and 3D

We talked to 3D illustrator and designer Ryogo Toyoda about how he created his colorful, 80s-inspired composition, “3D.”