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Made You Look Twice: Playing with Perspectives and Materials

We’re exploring artists who use perspectives, angles, materials and textures in unexpected ways, including photographer Rich McCor and designer Alex Palazzi.

Artist Spotlight: Mirae Kim

Mirae Kim, our July featured artist of the month has two goals. To make people happy with her art, and to become the designer who uses pink the most. We find out how she’s working to achieve them both… with fantastic results!

Glimpsing Ourselves in Deconstructed Portraits

As we look at unbalanced images this month, this article considers how some artists sidestep the rules of composition to create portraits that unsettle us and break down stereotypes.

Breaking the Rules of Composition to Create Thought-Provoking Images

In July, we’re investigating how artists break the rules of composition to create unsettling, thought-provoking images.

Collection Highlight: Hand-crafted Portraits by Foto Sushi

Jon Anderson, Founder of portrait agency Foto Sushi, speaks to the importance of creating stock with the designer in mind.

Artist Spotlight: Jenue

Alvaro Matas, aka Jenue’s playful portfolio stands out for all the right reasons. His mixed disciplinary creations combine a range of different elements, which he plays with to create fun, yet beautiful 3D images and typography, often morphing the two practises together. His clients have included publications including Wired, the Sunday Times, the Economist, as well as the AIGA and 36 Days of Type projects.