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Artist spotlight: Sebastien Hue

When selecting an artist to create a piece of artwork on our November Visual Trends theme, “Machine Learning Comes to Life“, there seemed to better choice than French ‘photobasher’, concept artist and matte painter, Sebastian Hue.

Turning Tech into Artistic Inspiration

Digital artist Sebastien Hue creates epic artwork inspired by his love of technology and science fiction.

Contributor Spotlight: Tithi Luadthong AKA grandfailure

Thai artist Tithi Luadthong, AKA grandfailure, shares his passion for stock illustration.

Machine Learning Comes to Life

This month we’re writing about how new technology shapes the ways artists work and are inspired. To start, we take a look at AI all around us, and how it’s impacting artists in particular.

What to Do About Trends?

We talked to artists to get their take on how young creatives are approaching new trends.

Finding Your Creative Path in a Between World

We asked young designers about deciding to embrace a new technology or tool, and how they find balance between the digital and physical worlds.