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2017 Visual Trends

Insights from Reuters on Capturing Images People Can Trust

John Pullman, Global Head, Video and Pictures at Reuters, shares the role of editorial images in the media and the principles at play.

How Documentary Photography Shapes Our Relationship to Current Events

In June we’re taking a close look at the history, impact, and current trends of documentary photography.

Artist Spotlight: Kervin Brisseaux

Dive into the bold, bright world of our June featured artist, Kervin Brisseaux

May Visual Trend Exploration: Assets with a Purpose

We take a look at the in-demand stock pieces designers use to create 2D and 3D compositions, from rich patterns and textures to technically complex 3D models.

The Go List: 8 Photographable Destinations

Looking for a place to go on your next vacation? Emily Nathan, founder of travel and lifestyle magazine Tiny Atlas Quarterly shares 8 incredible, photogenic destinations.

May Trend Exploration: Photographing for Good

Adobe Stock Premium Contributor and landscape photographer Jason Reynolds of Rogue Photo shares how he uses his photographic talents to give back to the world.