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New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Adobe Sign Integration and Non-Zip Vectors

Introducing the latest updates for Adobe Stock Contributors, including the Adobe Sign integration for model and property releases, and faster vector uploads.

Glimpsing Ourselves in Deconstructed Portraits

As we look at unbalanced images this month, this article considers how some artists sidestep the rules of composition to create portraits that unsettle us and break down stereotypes.

Collection Highlight: Hand-crafted Portraits by Foto Sushi

Jon Anderson, Founder of portrait agency Foto Sushi, speaks to the importance of creating stock with the designer in mind.

The Authenticity Trend: How to Find and Shoot the Best Documentary-style Images

As we consider documentary photography this month, we spoke with Adobe Stock customers and contributors about the trend toward natural stock images, how to choose them, and how to shoot them.

6 Tips for Producing Natural Stock

Adobe Stock contributor Eugenio Marongui and Brianna Wettlaufer, CEO and Co-founder of Stocksy, share their advice for photographers looking to produce striking but authentic images.

Shooting Stock on Vacation

Planning your next getaway? Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture your memories and shoot potential best sellers for stock!