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Secrets to Telling a Story in Just One Image

We talked to an illustrator and a photographer about how to tell a story with a single image.

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Getting Noticed: 10 Tips from Creatives on Finding an Audience for Your Work

There are countless channels for networking, portfolio distribution, and searching for jobs. We asked creatives from all areas of design how they share their work. Here’s what they said.

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Adding Life to Your Brand with Cinemagraphs and GIFs

Cinemagraphs and GIFs are perfect for adding life and movement to your brand or website. Co-inventor of the cinemagraph Kevin Burg and GIF designer Hayden Davis share their tips and tricks.

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Story Art: Karen Alsop’s Fantastical Photographic Narratives

Her photographic and digitally-altered photographs are filled with anthropomorphized animals, peacefully surreal settings and a lack of physical and gravitational limitations. The portraits, part real-world representation and part imaginative adaptation are all possible because of the creativity, passion, and artistry of Karen Alsop, a Melbourne, Australia-based teacher/photographer/digital artist.

New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Adobe Sign Integration and Non-Zip Vectors

Introducing the latest updates for Adobe Stock Contributors, including the Adobe Sign integration for model and property releases, and faster vector uploads.

Glimpsing Ourselves in Deconstructed Portraits

As we look at unbalanced images this month, this article considers how some artists sidestep the rules of composition to create portraits that unsettle us and break down stereotypes.