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Cloud Fashion: Why Zalando relies on Creative Cloud

Mobile-optimized and video content is becoming more and more important for the customer experience. German fashion e-tailer Zalando boasts smooth and efficient production of high-quality content. Creative Cloud supports the required mobile-to-desktop and asset sharing workflows.

Fashion photography on steroids: In order for site visitors to be able to view their preferred product from every angle both on the web and in the app, the 200-member content team at Zalando produces up to eight pictures per item – for up to 1,000 products that get added to the Zalando web store every day. In addition, the creative department started to showcase select clothing in videos late last year.

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Being able to do that requires efficient workflows. The role modern creative tools play in Zalando’s processes is something we wanted to learn from Matthias Haase, who is the head of operations management at the Zalando subsidiary for content creation, aiming to foster cloud-based collaboration.

Matthias Haase – Zalando at the Adobe Symposium

Zalando relies on Creative Cloud tools and online services to facilitate content production. Why?

Following our “mobile first” approach, we want to optimize the shopping experience on smartphones and tablets. Looking at drafts on large computer screens, we don’t see assets the way consumers do, who more and more often use mobile devices for shopping. Adobe software allows us to work professionally both on the go and on the desktop. What is more, Creative Cloud makes it easier for us to work in distributed teams.

How is that?

Up until now, we have created most product images in studios. When we shoot complete looks on location, staying in sync with the interior teams is complicated. However, if the photographers sync their files to Creative Cloud, the creative staff at the office can instantly start producing content. If the folks at the office request additional materials, they can immediately feed their request back to the set. Which saves time and helps avoid costly re-shoots.

Why is being efficient so important for content production at Zalando?

The product portfolio changes every day. Our goal is to add new arrivals to our catalog as quickly as possible using high-quality imagery. Once pictures are shot and uploaded, customers can start ordering the items. So if we produce high-quality content quickly, we help drive the bottom line.

Cutting costs is one thing. On the other hand, how can Creative Cloud help improve the customer experience?

Aside from photos, we intend to produce more video content. Many customers want to see how the fabric behaves when the model moves. The overall experience makes or breaks with the way photos and videos are delivered. You want consistency, which makes retouching models and accessories so time-consuming. So we need precise specialized tools that are also tightly integrated with each other.

How does your content creation benefit from the tight integration within Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud Libraries enable our creative teams to share Zalando assets, e.g. backgrounds, between applications quickly and easily.

More importantly, Photoshop CC shares a similar user experience with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. We think this is a great advantage because our image editors can produce both photo and video content. This helps boost not only efficiency but also creativity. You know, being able to juggle different media is very inspiring. Our teams’ creativity is a key factor. After all, it’s our photos that make the Zalando website stand out.

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When are you going to publish the first videos edited with Creative Cloud apps?

We already published videos in our web store. Our customers will be seeing more this year.

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