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Collaboration Everywhere with Read-Only Creative Cloud Libraries and Files

We are excited to announce the availability of read-only access when you collaborate with Creative Cloud Libraries and Creative Cloud Files on mobile, desktop, and the web.  We are also pleased to support patterns, a new Library asset type, created in Adobe Capture CC and available for use in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Read-only access ensures your creative assets and files stored in Creative Cloud remain unchanged and can’t be deleted by other collaborators while still being made available for use by your team.  You can also delegate to collaborators the following permission levels to help manage your library and files:  

Owners and editors

RO in app edit only-crop

  • Collaborators that are owners or have “Can edit” access can edit, move and delete assets.
  • They can change the permissions for other collaborators.


RO in app view only-crop

  • Collaborators with “Can view” permissions cannot make any changes.
  • They can see who the Owner and other collaborators are, but they also cannot modify any collaboration permissions.  
  • They can copy the contents of a shared Folder or Library and make changes to them privately.

Read-only is currently available in all Creative Cloud desktop apps supporting Libraries and several mobile apps that support Libraries and Files. Click here for a quick overview on read-only Libraries and Files. 

Try read-only Libraries, Folders and Files on these mobile apps, with additional mobile app support coming soon.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Mobile

Adobe Capture

Adobe Comp

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