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Color Finesse 3 issues addressed by Synthetic Aperture

Bob Currier of Synthetic Aperture, the makers of Color Finesse, just posted a very useful comment on the “Resources for Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse” page of After Effects CS5 Help.

I’ll go ahead and reproduce the whole thing here, for convenience.

(BTW, in case you didn’t know, Color Finesse is a color correction plug-in that comes with After Effects.)

from Bob Currier

Three issues have been identified in Color Finesse 3 LE as installed with After Effects CS5. There are articles discussing these issues in detail on the Synthetic Aperture website. The issues and articles are:

Pink lines are visible on rendered frames, even though a serial number has been entered. This can happen if the wrong Color Finesse serial number has been used. For example, a Color Finesse 2 serial number has been used to install Color Finesse 3. The solution is to force Color Finesse to allow entering the correct serial without a full re-install of CS5.
“Reserializing Color Finesse 3 LE as Installed by After Effects CS5”

The System Preset folder is empty on Windows.
“Reference Gallery System Preset Folder Empty in Color Finesse 3 LE on Windows”

The black-and-white filmstock presets aren’t black and white when rendered.
“B&W Film Presets not Black-and-White in Color Finesse 3 LE”

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