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Coming Next to Adobe Pro Video Tools

Creativity is about to get a lot more colorful: Updates coming to Creative Cloud pro video tools.

Adobe announced today a new wave of major updates for video pros coming soon to Creative Cloud. New versions of the video tools and services, including some brand new apps, will be presented next week at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) tradeshow.

Visitors to the show will see a new Color workspace and a Lumetri Color panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which offers an entirely new color workflow for editors; Adobe Character Animator, an amazing (and fun) interactive desktop animation tool; expanded scope for collaboration with Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Anywhere; “Project Candy,” an innovative mobile technology, currently under development for capturing and sharing Looks; and lots of cool new Adobe Magic that makes it easy to accomplish tasks that would have been difficult or impossible before.

Watch our NAB 2015 webcast shot live on the show floor. See Jason Levine demonstrate and explain the top features coming soon to the Adobe video tools.


Watch Al Mooney’s overview video introducing key video features in the next release:

Key themes of the upcoming release

  • New color workflows that make color an integral part of the creative process, including the Color workspace in the Lumetri Color panel and scopes in Premiere Pro CC and new Look support in Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Mobile apps and integrations that extend the creative process, such as a streamlined workflow for opening Adobe Premiere Clip projects in Premiere Pro CC, and new mobile capture technology, Project Candy, for creating Looks to enhance the appearance of video footage.
  • Deeper collaboration for all—from small teams to large enterprises, including asset sharing via Creative Cloud Libraries for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-desktop workflows. And Adobe Anywhere, coming soon in two versions, offering collaborative editing workflows for teams of all sizes.
  • Tools and features that empower artists to create more and deliver faster: Adobe Character Animator, Morph Cut in Premiere Pro CC, Time Tuner in Adobe Media Encoder CC. Preview enhancements and Face Tracker in Adobe After Effects CC, and more.

Innovations like these are driving adoption of Adobe video workflows: recent Premiere Pro CC converts include the four-time Academy Award winning Coen Brothers, who are currently editing their film, Hail, Caesar!; and director Rhys Thomas and producer Lorne Michaels of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, with Staten Island Summer, a Paramount Pictures production, due out in 2015. In addition, MLB Network switched their editing and post-production environment to a complete Creative Cloud workflow.

“From script to screens, Adobe is delivering advanced workflows for every step of the creative journey. The industry is switching to Premiere Pro CC and our tightly integrated set of video tools because of the constant stream of innovation coming from our labs,” said Steve Warner, vice president of digital video and audio at Adobe.

“Our move to Creative Cloud, with deeply connected mobile-to-desktop workflows and services that make your assets available to you as you move from app to app, ensures our customers have the tools and services to create stunning videos, TV shows, films and commercials faster than before.”


Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Editors have a lot to look forward to in the next release of Premiere Pro CC, starting with the all-new Color workspace and Lumetri Color panel providing powerful, yet easy-to-use, color tools inside Premiere Pro CC. Further extending their creative color workflows, Premiere Pro CC users will be able to apply Looks captured in the real world with Project Candy to add emotional impact and visual appeal to videos. Looks and graphics elements will be easily accessed in the application via Creative Cloud Libraries. Task-Oriented Workspaces organize the User Interface for the task at hand. Editors can also create and save custom workspaces to include the windows, tabs and tools that they use most.

It will be much easier to deliver polished interview content by smoothing out jump cuts in talking head shots with Morph Cut. Improved integration between Adobe Premiere Clip and Premiere Pro CC will offer a seamless transition from the mobile editing experience to the power of a professional desktop NLE. Other features coming in the next release include more streamlined audio workflows, caption burn-in, improved Mercury Transmit performance for external monitoring with third-party I/O hardware, support for Windows touch devices, new editing refinements, and even more file format support.

The ability to shape light and color is integral to the process of working with moving images,” said Al Mooney, senior product marketing manager. “Color tools should enable play and experimentation. They should be approachable, easy to understand, and easy to include in your post-production workflow.”

To learn more about what’s coming next, visit the Premiere Pro blog.


Project Candy

“Project Candy” is the code name for an amazing new mobile technology, currently under development, that allows users to capture light and color from the things they see around them and save the results as Looks. Looks are like grading presets used to enhance the appearance of video footage, like those you can create in Adobe SpeedGrade CC or now in Premiere Pro CC.

“The brilliant thing about Project Candy, is that you don’t need to know anything about color grading to use it,” said senior product manager Patrick Palmer. “In the past you would need to be an expert colorist to match the Look of a scene in real-life. With Candy, you just need your phone.”

Looks saved in Project Candy are automatically available in Premiere Clip, Premiere Pro CC, and After Effects CC via Creative Cloud Libraries, where they can also be shared with colleagues.

Learn more about Project Candy on the Moving Colors blog.


Adobe After Effects CC

The next release of After Effects CC will instantly feel faster for users, making it easy to explore their creativity while interacting with the software in new ways. Uninterrupted Preview allows users to explore design ideas, adjust properties, and even resize panels without stopping playback. Simplified Previews offers intuitive default behaviors to help new users get up and running faster while allowing experienced After Effects artists to customize their preview options to fit their preferred workflow.

“The preview enhancements in the coming release provide a more responsive and dynamic environment for motion graphics and visual effects work,” said Todd Kopriva, product manager for After Effects. “This allows artists to focus on the creative process and stay in the creative zone with fewer distractions or interruptions.”

Connected creativity takes a leap forward with Creative Cloud Libraries, putting assets right at the artist’s fingertips, including images, Looks, color swatches and vector graphics from other desktop and mobile apps like Adobe Shape CC.

Face Tracker is a new feature that makes it easy to map facial movements with exceptional accuracy, managing the level of detail you track. Users can use simple mask tracking for fast tracking (for example to blur out someone’s features) or use more detailed point or measurement tracking to apply precise effects, or export tracking data to Adobe Character Animator. Other enhancements in the new release include a more adaptable user interface and support for using touch controls to navigate between panels within the app.

Learn more about what’s coming next on the After Effects blog.


Adobe Character Animator (Preview)

Adobe Character Animator offers a groundbreaking new experience for After Effects usersusing the computer’s webcam and microphone along with keyboard and mouse interaction allows users to animate characters created in Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC in real time, shaving many hours off the creative process.

“Character Animator makes it incredibly easy to bring life-like behavior figures and insert them into scenes including other actions like wind or snow,” said Kopriva. Users can record multiple takes and then stitch together the best performances for a great result. The best thing about it? It’s so much fun to use!”

Learn more about Character Animator on the After Effects blog.

Adobe Media Encoder CC

The next release of Media Encoder CC includes Time Tuner which lets editors and broadcasters automatically adjust the duration of broadcast deliverableswithout time-consuming micro-editing. Time Tuner will be available in the next release of Media Encoder CC. Video pros will also be able to output multichannel audio with new Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus support in Media Encoder CC. And we’re adding support for encoding and decoding of JPEG 2000 in an MXF wrapper.

Learn more about what’s coming to Media Encoder CC on the Premiere Pro blog.

Adobe Audition CC

Editors and audio pros can get right to work, streaming native video formats inside the next release of Audition CC with Dynamic Link video streaming, and review full screen video on a separate monitor while editing audio. Live relinking allows users to replace assets within an open project and retain edits made to original clip.

Learn more about what’s coming next on the Adobe Audition blog.

More video updates

Record voiceover with your video capture as audio notes or for on-location reporting in Adobe Prelude CC. Bring editing projects into the Adobe SpeedGrade CC with Direct Link, now including support for the new Premiere Pro Lumetri color tools.

Adobe Anywhere

Adobe Anywhere is a breakthrough workflow platform that lets workgroups using Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Prelude CC collaborate with centralized media and assets across standard networks. Adobe Anywhere will soon be offered in two versions. A new, more cost-effective version of Adobe Anywhere will be available for teams of all sizes collaborating in a single location. Anywhere with Mercury Streaming Engines allows enterprise workgroups in multiple locations to work together on projects with shared access to all assets.

“The digital world is a connected world,” explained Bill Roberts. “Modern creative tools should reflect this and empower collaboration, whether in simple ways, like showing a client your work, or in complex remote production settings where artists around the world can work together on the same content even at the same time.”

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“These new releases mark a significant step forward in our vision for a truly dynamic creative environment,” said Bill Roberts, senior director of product management. “In the past, production pipelines have tended to be strictly linear with functions such as VFX and Color Grading being relegated to the end of the process, but connected creativity is much more freeform and great ideas can come at any point in the production process. Creative tools should work the way creative people do, and not the other way around.”

Additional resources:

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Watch our NAB 2015 webcast shot live on the show floor. See Jason Levine demonstrate and explain the top features coming soon to the Adobe video tools.

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  • By Mike - 9:58 PM on April 8, 2015  

    Really disappointed. These “major” updates are minor changes. The only thing that really matters at this point is making Premiere functional again. Version 14.2 Has been the buggiest and most debilitating version of Premiere I have used in 21 years. It has been hell. I would’ve rolled back my project to 14.0 but it is impossible, and since there are no regular releases of bug fixes, I’m in limbo with no way forward and no way back. Adobe has completely lost my confidence, and were I not stuck in this current project I would’ve left months ago for AVID or even FCPX.

    • By Miika Turunen - 9:07 AM on April 15, 2015  

      I do agree! After the last Premiere update my workspace went mad and Premiere keeps forgetting what sequences I was working on. Let’s hope that atleast the bugs go away.

      • By Dayo - 12:44 PM on April 19, 2015  

        14.2 I must say has been the best version of all the updates so far.
        since I updated, I have not experienced a single bug or any abnormality whatsoever.
        You guys might want to check your system for the problems you are facing.
        I have loads of people on Adobe Creative Cloud and they all love the last release and can’t wait for the next updates.

  • By Dinesh - 6:03 AM on April 9, 2015  

    A new era for vfx

  • By FrustratedCloudUser - 6:18 AM on April 9, 2015  

    When will these updates be released? That’s what the PAYING CUSTOMERS want to know. Some of these new features have been teased for over a year. Creative Cloud was supposed to give us new features and updates “immediately”.

  • By Martin Alteirac - 9:02 AM on April 9, 2015  

    When will it be available ???

  • By Chris - 12:08 PM on April 9, 2015  

    These new things look promessing!

    I hope all will work stable in Premiere and transitions in gpu renderer and cpu renderer will give the same result.

  • By Al Mooney - 1:15 PM on April 9, 2015  

    Hi Guys

    I’m Al Mooney, Product Manager for Premiere Pro. I wanted to respond to some of the above.

    Mike, I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the new features. While I can’t tell you right now when this will be available – sorry guys, we are just previewing right now and all I can say is ‘coming soon’ – I hope that when you do get your hands on them, you’ll see that they’re actually significant and powerful. I sincerely apologize if you do not.

    Regarding stability, I further apologize that you’ve had a bad time with 2014.2. We work very hard on making Premiere Pro as stable as possible – and please note that the forthcoming release will contain hundred of fixes across the board. We are highlighting the features in this ‘reveal’, but I’d hate anyone to think we weren’t focused on constantly improving stability – because we are.

    I don’t know what issues you’re hitting with 2014.2 but if you haven’t I’d urge you to report them at Again, I’m really sorry if you’re having a bad time, and hope very much that your experience improves.


    • By Randy - 9:11 AM on April 10, 2015  

      I’ve been in contact with support and filed a bug report for broken dynamic linking between Premiere and After Effects. When working with blackmagic cinema .dng natively, send to After Effects composition feature does not work. After Effects brings in a still instead of video footage. This was filed over six months ago. I’d hope this is included in one of the stability fixes (as I pay monthly for support).

      Bug #2 that’s been filed – when will AAF import actually function?

  • By Edouard - 2:52 PM on April 9, 2015  

    For Audition the dynamic link is only for the video preview? not yet for audio? I mean like we have between Premiere and After Effects.

  • By David - 4:35 PM on April 9, 2015  

    These look like very nice enhancements but I am really disappointed that Adobe is unable to carry Encore forward.
    I need to be able to output content to DVD and Blu-Ray and this is getting increasingly difficult with the distance between Adobe CS6 and eveolving AME. While Encore had some issues it had some really great capabilities and I dont see why this isnt seen as a fundamental component of a Video Production Software Suite?

  • By David - 4:40 PM on April 9, 2015  

    Sorry about the typos and missing word in ‘Adobe Encore CS^ and evolving Adobe Media Encoder’.
    Such mundane things as getting the very best encoding quality on DVD from an HD Master consume masses of my time and I think there is great opportunity to make this easier for creators of content. Carrying chapter markers through the encode process is hugely helpful to me.

  • By Darren S - 6:51 PM on April 9, 2015  

    David, I could not agree more! It’s stunning that ENCORE was left behind. While many of our clients demand web encoded content, MANY OTHERS are looking for Blu-ray and DVD and we’re stuck with old software that enjoys no feature enhancements.

    Simple features that I’ve waited for for a LONG time in Premiere also seem to keep getting ignored, like..

    1) RIGHT CLICKING a clip on the timeline and accessing BLEND MODE. The current method is simply cumbersome.

    2) The ability to re-assign audio on the timeline.

    3) Sending your timeline to AME and choosing MATCH SEQUENCE SETTINGS!

    My 2 cents,

    • By jON - 1:29 AM on April 16, 2015  

      Darren I think I have some good news for you – in Premiere your 3rd request for Match Sequence Settings is already present. In the Export Media dialogue box it is the very top checkbox (I use it every day!!)

  • By Jeff Handy - 7:38 PM on April 9, 2015  

    I love what we’re seeing and can’t wait to get hands-on at NAB – I do hope that’s happening. 🙂
    Why doesn’t Prelude have a blog yet? I think it’s grown up enough now, don’t you, Al?

  • By Dan Watson - 9:05 AM on April 10, 2015  

    Still no h.265 support mentioned. This is big adobe!!!

    Also, I’m not sure why there is still no video noise reduction tool mentioned for premiere. Seems elementary especially given the tools already in LR and the new color tools that basically mimic the same functionality.

    Love the morph cut and new grading features!

  • By Mark Horton - 3:25 AM on April 11, 2015  

    I still can not get my creative cloud to function properly. All my programs say “Begin Trial” even though I have been a paying customer for years. I have been on with customer support for hours and hours with no solution. I am frustrated and ready to look elsewhere for all my editing needs.

    • By David - 12:54 PM on April 13, 2015  

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles. I looked up your account history and see what you mean. I’ve made arrangements for someone to contact and work with you to find a permanent solution. They will email you to make arrangements.

      – Dave

  • By Serban - 8:55 AM on April 13, 2015  

    No Dynamic Link for Speedgrade. Grrr

    • By Nathan Lawrence - 11:42 AM on April 13, 2015  

      We already have Dynamic Link for Speedgrade! It’s been in since 2014.1!

  • By george - 8:49 AM on April 14, 2015  

    Please tell me the 3 point edit dialogue box is gone and system defaults to sequence outpoint priority so that I do not need to clear my source out point.

  • By jON - 1:39 AM on April 16, 2015  

    I can’t wait to try out Morph Cut – it could be one of those tools that saves me SO much time…..

  • By Kevin - 11:52 AM on April 16, 2015  

    While I think the inclusion of lightroom “style” controls is awesome and would be a powerful upgrade I can’t help but feel like Adobe is being very cryptic about it. The reason it would be awesome to have them is because highlight and shadow recovery in lightroom is the best. Do the sliders function exactly like the ones in light room? I just watch the demo and he really just glazed over that.

  • By Mads Jakobsen - 2:59 PM on April 17, 2015  

    Looking forward to the new 2015 features and really looking forward to the 2016 folders/groups for layers, no needs for fancy features to begin with, just a simple organizing tool for the many many many layers I end up with:)

  • By Taylor - 11:20 AM on April 18, 2015  

    Hey Adobe! Just wanted to leave a positive comment. I work with product development in my day job in another industry and so I know that it sucks that most of the vocal people are the negative ones so I just wanted to let you guys know that I have loved what you’ve been doing. I’ve never had any major issues with any of my adobe products and the ones that I have had, your tech support team has handled them wonderfully.

    I am stoked about these updates and can’t wait to get my hands on them. Premier is still the best editing application for me by miles, and the addition of more powerful color grading tools is VERY appreciated. I have been wanting this for years and I am very glad it is finally happening. It will make my smaller jobs that need to be done quick, SOOO much easier.

    You guys rock and I just want you to know that I really appreciate what you do.

  • By Mike Guckian - 6:22 AM on April 20, 2015  

    I love the Adobe software, and have been using it for quite some time, But I do think Adobe should bring Encore forward into CC, and develop it along with their other offerings.

  • By Sylke - 12:27 PM on April 21, 2015  

    I don’t seem to be able to find out when I can download an updated version of Premiere CC with these new tools, like Morph Cut – which I desperately need for the project I’m currently working on. Will it be available anytime soon or will I have to move my project over to the Avid?