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Common Misconceptions of Creative Cloud in the IT Space

Retired from blogging for the past six months, Jody Rodgers, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Creative Cloud is back to address common misconceptions and concerns that IT professionals have about the Creative Cloud. His latest blog post is dedicated to the person managing creative tools across an SMB or large organization. Whether you’re an IT manager, IT director or creative director that sometimes doubles as the IT admin, Jody is speaking to you.

You can read his full post on his blog. Here’s a recap of the top misconceptions and concerns that Jody covers:

1) Creative Cloud is virtualized or streamed

False. Creative Cloud is a new method of distributing our creative desktop applications but they are still applications that are installed and run the old school way. That said, the Creative Cloud at present remains a way to download the software from the Cloud, not run the applications in a browser or thin client.

2) Creative Cloud can’t be deployed

Wrong. The IT admin panel and the new Creative Cloud Packager 1.0 make deployment of Creative Cloud applications easy. A 1.1 version of the Creative Cloud Packager is due shortly after the new set of Creative Cloud applications are released next month, which will work for both Creative Cloud for teams and for Creative Cloud for enterprise.

3) Organizations can’t control the frequent updates

Not true. Not only will your creatives have the latest tools as soon as they’re available, but IT admins still have as much control over updates as they did before. The updates are available via the Creative Cloud Packager and can be packaged at the IT admin’s discretion.

4) Adobe IDs aren’t for my team or organization

That’s OK. We realize using Adobe IDs might be more complicated for larger enterprise organizations. If you purchase Creative Cloud for enterprise then the IT admin has the same flexibly to package and deploy the creative desktop applications without use of Adobe IDs by using a contract-defined expiring serial number.

5) Cloud storage isn’t for us, so neither is Creative Cloud

We hear you. There are always concerns from IT about files stored in the cloud and rightfully so. Restricting storage access is certainly an option for the Creative Cloud for enterprise. High levels of control for IT are at the heart of Jody’s personal vision of the Creative Cloud for enterprise.

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