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Adobe is making it simpler to keep your software up-to-date. And a lot cheaper.

Adobe CS6 has been so well received by reviewers and production professionals around the world, and you now have several options for buying it. Along with boxed versions (or “shrink” as they call it here), and purchasing online, you can also subscribe. That last option is a great model. I encourage you to take a good look at Adobe’s Creative Cloud Membership.

Creative Cloud is pretty much unbeatable as a value proposition: download and use the entire Master Collection of Adobe’s professional applications. All of them, as well as services like Business Catalyst or Typekit. The standard price of $49.99 per month is less than most cell phone plans or cable TV subscriptions. Personally, I’d rather be creating great content with the best tools available than watching TV almost any time.

The value proposition is even better when you consider some of the cool new apps that are exclusive to Creative Cloud, such as Adobe Muse, the new web design application, or Adobe Story Plus which is otherwise only available on its own as a subscription. And Lightroom is included, too. Just sayin’!

Adobe Creative Cloud - like the tagline says, it's "bringing the future of creativity into the present."

Adobe Creative Cloud – the future of creativity

SpeedGrade users and production companies will benefit from flexible pricing, where you can add or remove seats, depending on your current workload. You may also find the 20GB of included storage useful, for example if you are moving between an office and a home computer to work on a project.

More and more of us use a variety of devices. We want to be able to access, share, and work on content wherever we are. That is why cloud computing is growing so fast right now. With Creative Cloud, Adobe is building an awesome digital hub for integrating your tools and your workflow. Hop on board!

Creative Cloud members will always have access to the most up-to-date software, and they get an integrated platform for their creative workflow. If you already own CS3 or higher,  we are currently offering subscriptions to Creative Cloud for only only $29.99 a month.

If you are thinking of stepping up to Adobe SpeedGrade, consider moving up to Creative Cloud.

Next Steps
Purchase a subscription, or try out Creative Cloud for one month for free.
If you haven’t see it yet, check out the awesome interview with Lin Kayer and Patrick Palmer.
For help, or any technical questions with SpeedGrade, visit the SpeedGrade user forums.

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  • By Derek Thomas - 4:20 PM on July 16, 2012  

    Our company uses CS5, and we will be upgrading to CS6 soon, and the Adobe cloud component looks like a fantastic solution for our cloud storage needs. Some of our employees work offsite, and they use a variety of different smart phones and tablets. Does the Adobe Creative Cloud work with all devices? I imagine it does given the robust capabilities of the Adobe products.

    • By Eric Philpott - 2:47 PM on July 18, 2012  

      Hi Derek,
      Not all of the Adobe applications are available in tablet versions, although integration work is ongoing so Creative Cloud will just going to keep getting better. What you describe sounds like an ideal scenario for Creative Cloud. Check details on the Creative Cloud site (see links above), or visit the Creative Cloud forums with specific questions.