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Contributor Spotlight: Lasse Behnke aka Lassedesignen

Lasse Behnke, otherwise known as Lassedesignen, is a media-designer-turned-full-time-stock-photographer who specializes in digital photo manipulations. His signature compositions have gone on to sell over 200,000 licenses. We caught up with him in Bremen, Germany, where he lives and works.

Adobe Stock: How did you get started in stock photography?

Lassedesignen: I discovered Fotolia by Adobe during my professional education as a digital media designer. The advertising agency where I worked bought a lot of stock photos and at that time I was already experimenting a lot with image editing software in my free time. I really liked the idea of earning a little extra money with my hobby. At first I just shot what I knew – places, scenes and people in my hometown. Then I’d throw them into Photoshop to create compositions. After I made my first upload, I started analyzing my work and compared it with the bestsellers on the market. It didn’t take long until I sold the first photos, which of course was a great motivation for me to upload some more of my work. Since then, I’ve been constantly shooting and improving as a photographer and a digital artist.



AS: How would you describe your photographic style?

LD: My style is amplifying the story of photographs through editing. I like dynamic, bold images and I want to give each of my images an individual look.

One thing I’ve learned about stock photography is that there are many possibilities to define your style and many routes to success. Many photographers chose to go with ‘capturing authentic moments’, and they are best sellers, I chose to define my own style as a way to differentiate my portfolio. There’s no right or wrong style, just different ones. Clients have a wide variety of needs and aesthetics they’re looking for, so regardless of which style you choose, you can still find a market for your work.


AS: Where do you get inspiration for your compositions?

LD: I collect inspiration on the go – on the streets, in my neighborhood, and where I travel. I capture interesting moments and scenes I come across. Sometimes it’s people, sometimes it’s a street corner, and other times, it’s just the way light falls on something. I often try to reproduce memorable scenes in my own studio or recreate it as a composition so I can get the right look.


AS: What are the key ingredients to creating a best-selling stock image?

LD: Stock photography is obviously a very creative enterprise and I’d even go so far as to say that it’s one of the most creative branches of photography. I always try to incorporate creative elements in my pictures, whether it relates to the concept, color scheme or perspective. Due to my training as a media designer and all the brainstorming sessions I did as part of that training, I’ve learned how to think conceptually – and I try to apply that to my work as often as I can. I notice that when I pull that off, the images are the most successful and sell the most.


AS: What other creative endeavors are you pursuing in addition to stock photography?

LD: Recently I started producing Photoshop and photo editing tutorials. A lot of the skills I have now came from my experience as a stock photographer, and my primary focus will still be stock. It’s the best and most creative job I can imagine.


See more of Lasse’s work on Adobe Stock.
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