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October 24, 2008 /Soundbooth /

Correct Volume Level Problems in Recorded Interviews Fast with Soundbooth CS4

A recording of an interview can result in loudness differences due to varying distance of the speaker(s) to the microphone or differences in how loud one person speaks versus another. The new Equalize Volume Levels function in Soundbooth CS4 corrects these types of volume level problems in an automated fashion. To try it open a microphone recording in Soundbooth CS4 and either select “Equalize Volume Levels” in the process menu or click the button in the “Volume Correction” task panel. With just one click volume level differences across the entire audio clip are corrected. This saves you the time of manually editing the waveform and applying different effect filters to achieve a similar result.

Equalize Volume Levels is different from normalizing an audio file. Normalizing will increase the amplification of the entire audio clip based on the highest peak value in the clip. In contrast, Equalize Volume calculates a reference volume level and amplifies or lowers the signal over the time to maintain this reference level throughout. This is similar to what happens when you use a compressor/limiter.

The Volume Correction task in Soundbooth CS4 also includes Match Volume, which adjusts volume levels across multiples audio files. See Shawn Deyell’s previous blog post for more details on how this works.

Sven Duwenhorst
Computer Scientist
Adobe Audio Engineering


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