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preventing crash in After Effects when using Illustrator files

The new version of Adobe Illustrator (17.1) creates files (.ai, .eps, .pdf files) that contain XMP metadata in a format that causes After Effects to crash when reading that metadata. The crash occurs when you add a footage item from Illustrator to a composition.

We have released a bug-fix update for After Effects CC (12) to prevent this crash, but the crash still affects After Effects CS6 (11.0) and earlier.

The workaround is rather simple: You can prevent After Effects from reading the XMP metadata from the file from Illustrator by turning off the preference Create Layer Markers from Footage XMP Metadata in the Media & Disk Cache preferences category. This will only prevent temporal metadata in footage items from being converted to markers in After Effects, which is not a feature that you would be using with files from Illustrator, anyway.

By the way, thank you to all folks who submit crash reports. Those crash reports are how we found this problem only days after the new version of Illustrator that creates these files was released.

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